The 2018 program will be unveiled here approx. 1-2 months before the festival date.

2017 films are listed here.

Télécharger le programme 2017 /// 2017 Screening program to download.




The 2017 Festival will take take place at the BALZAC movie theatre, 1 Rue Balzac, 75008 Paris.



If you’re a filmmaker or cast and crew of a selected film, you are granted a free entrance, to the full festival OR your block of screening. Please contact us.

If you want to attend as an audience, you can buy a ticket in advance (box office soon), or on site.

Please respect the DRESS CODE.

2560x500 YT pama


2016 synthetic program was : 2016-program

2015 full program was : Programme-PAMA-2015-A.