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Time’s up – 2018 Jan 3rd

The Paris Art and Movie Awards strongly supports the Time’s Up movement.


Top 1000 Film Festivals – 2017 Dec 21st

The Paris Art and Movie Awards has ranked as one of the Top 100 Best Reviewed Festivals on FilmFreeway.

According to reviews from FilmFreeway users since the inception of the festival in 2015, we are proud that the PAMA ranks in the top 2.5% of among more than 4,000 film festivals and creative contests around the world.

Thank all of you because this ranking is a testament to the countless hours of hard work and care devoted to creating such a wonderful event, FOR THE FILMMAKERS and the films.

We’re especially proud to be partnered with FilmFreeway.

Let’s go for the 4th edition !


2018 Call for Films – 2017 Dec 7th
The 2018 call for entries for the 4th edition will start on December 18th.


Festival results – synthesis – 2017 Sept 1st

We compiled some key figures and informations after our 3rd edition.

Check it here.


2018 : the festival expands to Los Angeles – 2017 August 28th
After 3 years of festival and the creation of the Alumni Network, the Paris Art and Movie Awards keeps expanding, with the creation of a brother festival in Los Angeles :
the Hollywood Art and Movie Awards.
The Hollywood Art and Movie Awards and the Paris Art and Movie Awards will offer direct connexions to filmmakers from both sides of the ocean to connect and to work one step closer into the movie business.

Check all that the HAMA has to offer, with a call for entries starting September 1st, 2017.


Festival 2017 : that’s a wrap ! – 2017 July 4th
That’s a wrap for the 3rd edition of the Paris Art and Movie Awards.
We thank you all, partners, filmmakers, attendees, volunteers…
Check ALL the pictures on Facebook and the videos will be posted on YouTube.


Screening program – 2017 June 28
Box Office link right below.


Billetterie ouverte – 2017 June 22nd
La billetterie est ouverte. Box Office is open.


Mélanie Doutey Jury President – 2017 May 17th
For the first time, the Paris Art and Movie Awards will  have a Jury President to manage and coordinate the votes of all the Judges watching the films and reading the scripts.
Our festival is a constant homage and reminiscence of the generous, smart, and forever elegant Audrey Hepburn. Following that idea of a modern women mixing a big heart and a big smile in live and in movies, we invited actress Mélanie Doutey to be President of our 2017 Jury, and we’re humbled and glad she accepted the invite.
With Mélanie, our Jury is composed by 7 women and 7 men, from movies, entertainment, arts, marketing, culture, new medias…


Talent Factory event in Los Angeles – 2017 May 5th
After creating the Paris Art and Movie Awards in 2015, festival founder Matt Beurois wanted to create the tools to keep helping filmmakers and help them jumping over the Ocean and try their shot in Los Angeles.
In that perspective, he created the Talent Factory platform : a hub managing several monthly and regular contests in the fields of movies, music video, scripts, storyboards and music itself.
Talent Factory offers monthly events, and an annual rendez-vous with many screenings, QnA, award give-away and networking.
The inaugural event took place at the Echo Park Film Center, right on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, this May 5 (cinco de Mayo).
Matt Beurois hosted the event, alongside with co-managing partner Auregan, French Judge Dorian Masson, and USA Judge Nicolas Wendl.


Movie Theater LE BALZAC – 2017 May 3rd
The 2017 Festival will take place at the BALZAC movie theater in Paris.
It is located right up to the Champs-Elysées.
The BALZAC is one of the oldest cinema venue in Paris, family run for more than 40 years.
This year, all screenings and main events, including award ceremony will take place there,
inside the biggest room.


Festival founder interview – 2017 February 18

1st 2017 interview of Matt Beurois, festival founder :

Download pdf or read online on Festival Review.


Alumni Network – 2017 January 22nd

2017 will be the 3rd edition of the PAMA. We already had dozens of filmmakers attending the festival, more than a thousand films submitted,
and almost a hundred films that screened.
The very first purpose of the festival was, and remains : to help and support independent filmmakers, cast and crew to get noticed, and to have their work truly awarded.
Making films is a long way. Making it a career takes a life.
Our goal is to support artists climbing to the next step.
To move forward this objective, we launch THE ALUMNI NETWORK, an international link between each and every people connected together thanks to the festival.
Check more on the Facebook group.


Check the 2015-2016 news archives on this page.




court français

Kitchen – directed by Steve Duchesne – FRANCE

Apparition – directed by Denis Dobrovoda – FRANCE – FRENCH PREMIERE

Tunisia 2045 – directed by Ted Hardy-Carnac – FRANCE – PARIS PREMIERE

Fleur de peau – directed by Christophe Monier – FRANCE – WORLD PREMIERE

1870 – directed by Fabien Drugeon – FRANCE – WORLD PREMIERE

Avant – directed by Arthur Tabuteau – FRANCE 

Faux départ – directed by François Zaïdi – FRANCE – PARIS PREMIERE

AFFICHE_KITCHENFinal Poster Design.1ImpressionFleur_de_peau_Affichebaffichev010365617_1454079174866020_3507847527492021709_o1-poster_Faux départ




intl short

Bedtime – directed by Dallas Burgess – USA – EUROPEAN PREMIERE

La Preuve – directed by Jonathan Lago-Lago – BELGIUM – WORLD PREMIERE

Town vs Gown – directed by Mark Hampton – UK – SCREENING PREMIERE, PARIS PREMIERE

Malgré Nous – directed by Valentin Pittard – SWITZERLAND – WORLD PREMIERE

Salt water – directed by Nadine Wright – CANADA – WORLD PREMIERE

13465966_864407177036701_8503942229808009729_nAffiche La Preuve 01Town_vs_Gown_Poster_1poster_Malgre_Nous_copy_5MV5BMjQxOTMzMjk4OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjE0ODUzNzE@._V1_





Capsule – directed by Andrew Martin – UK – FRENCH PREMIERE

Sweet Girls – directed by Jean-Paul Cardinaux and Xavier Ruiz – SWITZERLAND – FRENCH PREMIERE

Capsule_Poster_v2_PROOF_SMALL SG_2016



music video

Song « What do you really wanna say » – directed by Eszter Angyalosy and Dániel Szőke – Band : Wonderland – HUNGARY – FRENCH PREMIERE

Song « Beatin » – directed by Quentin Perez – Artist : Ana Kova – FRANCE – PARIS PREMIERE

Song « En visant la lune » – directed by Julien Hassid – Band : Delta – BELGIUM – WORLD PREMIERE

Song « I come in pieces » – directed by Mikaël Vecchio – Band : Underdogs – FRANCE – EUROPEAN PREMIERE

wndrlnd_0712509388_1022748974412056_69861223787231801_nunnamed ImagePromoFestDef2-2



Political animals – directed by Jonah Markowitz and Tracy Wares – USA – EUROPEAN PREMIERE

The postmodern pioneer plaque – directed by Boris Kozlov – SPAIN – FRENCH PREMIERE

Sustainable futures : survivor girls – directed by Nicole Watson – CANADA – SCREENING PREMIERE

The intimate realities of water – directed by Adrian Parr and Sean Hughes – USA – WORLD PREMIERE

11X17PPlaque_Poster_LaurelsPoster SFSG 1 IntimateH2OPoster




animated film

Farbenspiel – directed by Alexander Dannhauser, Artem Selennov & Jenny Diehl – GERMANY – FRENCH PREMIERE

Chhaya – directed by Debanjan Nandy – INDIA – WORLD PREMIERE

The Wishgranter – directed by Echo Wu, Kal Athannassov & John Mcdonald – USA – FRENCH PREMIERE

Alone – directed by Jeton Lakna – KOSOVO – EUROPEAN PREMIERE





art in motion

Headway – directed by Nicolas Romieu and Yohann Grignou – FRANCE – WORLD PREMIERE

The Puddle – directed by Serdar Yilmaz – TURKEY – WORLD PREMIERE

Paris Day & Night – directed by Constantine Konovalov – RUSSIA – WORLD PREMIERE

A place I’ve never been – directed by Adrian Flury – SWITZERLAND

Fruitcake – directed by Harriet Francis Croucher – UK – WORLD PREMIERE

Life on the line – directed by Christian Holm Glad – NORWAY – WORLD PREMIERE




best feature script

Lady of the Lake – written by Jesse d’Angelo – USA – WORLD PREMIERE

Tinsel Child – written by Tom Radovich – USA – WORLD PREMIERE

Night Without Shade – written by Dimitri Dietrich Limpert – GERMANY – WORLD PREMIERE

13438877_1773649086184263_6140017383601608081_n TinselChild_TitlePagePoster_Nacht-ohne-Schatten2


best short script

Mom – written by Daniela Moran – MEXICO – WORLD PREMIERE

Amor Fati – written by Beth Anne Guerrera – USA – WORLD PREMIERE

US Navy Cine-Kodak – written by Stephen M. Hunt – FRANCE – WORLD PREMIERE

Ace and Anxious – written by Bri Castellini – USA – WORLD PREMIERE

Deception pass – written by Erik Guerrero Wiese & Cynthia True – USA – WORLD PREMIERE

 Amor Fatiusnckposter Ace and Anxious graphic poster DecpPass Poster


~ 2015 AWARDS ~

The award ceremony took place in Paris, 2015, sept 27th, 6:30PM.

The 2016 awards are on this page.


Meilleur court-métrage étudiant français de l’année

LA VEILLEUSE réalisé par Joan Borderie



Best international student short of the year

SILENT BRAVE directed by Jami Ramberan



Best Music Video of the year

SATURDAY MORNING directed by Marco Gallo

_MG_3266 11222403_10207801868395495_635345279345491336_n


Best short script of the year

STEEL HARVEST written by Christiian Kutlik



Best feature script of the year

THE LAST INDIAN WAR written by Michael Graf



Best Director Of Photography

JORRIT GARRETSEN, movie“Intrinsic Moral Evil”, directed by Harm Weistra


Representing the film was Fernando Dominguez, choregrapher.


Best lead actress for a short

IMOGEN DOEL, movie “Whisper”, directed by Joe Lewis

_MG_3322 _MG_3557


Meilleur acteur pour un court-métrage

MIKAEL ALHAWI, film “Où t’étais”, réalisé par Vincent Morvan



Meilleur acteur dans un long métrage

BAPTISTE CAILLAUD, film « Au Souvenir d’une Lune », réalisé par Guillaume Caramelle



Best Lead Actress in a feature

KAMILLE McCUIN, film Nola Circus, réalisé par Luc Annest


Award accepted by Jessica Morali, actress, and Arnaud Bettan, producer of the movie.


Meilleure web série de l’année

AUTHENTIK réalisé par Anthony Lemaitre



Best animation of the year

MALY COUSTEAU directed by Jacuk Kuril



Best documentary of the year

SEVEN DAYS A WEEK directed by Tal Amiran



Best experimental and visual arts in motion




Meilleur réalisateur pour un court métrage

ALBAN RAVASSARD, film « L’Appel »



Best International short of the year

HEADLOCK directed by Garreth Stover



Meilleur court-métrage français de l’année

LA FORCE DE L’AGE, réalisé par Quentin Lecocq


Prix dans les mains de Gérard Dessalles, acteur principal.

All nominated films screen during the Paris Art and Movie Awards.


/ Shorts /

web serie new medias(1)
Authentik – réalisé par Anthony Lemaitre – FRANCE
The Gully – directed by John Gigrich – USA – EUROPEAN PREMIERE


Alban Ravassard – L’appel – FRANCE – PARIS PREMIERE
Emmanuel Fricero – La curée – FRANCE
Nathalie Giraud & Timothée Corteggiani – L’usine, l’autre nuit – FRANCE


best short script
Between the two of us – written by Lynn-Maree Nash – AUSTRALIA – WORLD PREMIERE
 No cigarettes in space – written by Sundae Jahant-Osborn – USA – WORLD PREMIERE
Steel Harvest – written by Christiaan Kutlik – USA – FRENCH PREMIERE


 best feature script
Incredibull – written by Gregory Wolk – USA – WORLD PREMIERE
Just kill me already – written by Sundae Jahant-Osborn – USA – WORLD PREMIERE
The last indian war – written by Michael Graf – USA – EUROPEAN PREMIERE


intl short
C’est plus facile de liker que de dire je t’aime – réalisé par William Mazzoleni – QUEBEC – EUROPEAN PREMIERE
Forêt – réalisé par Samuel Feller – BELGIUM – EUROPEAN PREMIERE
Headlock – directed by Garreth Stover – USA – FRENCH PREMIERE


La Force de l’Age – réalisé par Quentin Lecocq – FRANCE – PARIS PREMIERE
L’appel – réalisé par Alban Ravassard – FRANCE – PARIS PREMIERE
L’automne de Zao – réalisé par Nikolaus Roche-Kresse – FRANCE – PARIS PREMIERE
La Veilleuse – réalisé par Joan Borderie – FRANCE – PARIS PREMIERE


documentaire documentary
A Venue for the End of the World – directed by Aidan Prewett – AUSTRALIA – PARIS PREMIERE
A Way of Life – directed by Ben Spilling – UK – FRENCH PREMIERE
Le premier voyage d’Alban Oswald –  réalisé par Kareen David – FRANCE – PREMIERE MONDIALE
Seven days a week – directed by Tal Amiran – UK – WORLD PREMIERE


acteur 1er role actor leading role
Mikaël Alhawi – Meilleur acteur 1er rôle – Où t’étais – FRANCE – COMPETITION PREMIERE
Frédéric Lemay – Meilleur acteur 1er rôle – C’est plus facile de liker que de dire je t’aime – QUEBEC – EUROPEAN PREMIERE
Freddy Rodriguez – Best actor in a leading part – Mediation – USA – EUROPEAN PREMIERE


art in motion film experimental
Catherine – directed by Oliwia Siem – UK – WORLD PREMIERE
Delayed Boomerang – réalisé par François Roux – FRANCE – EUROPEAN PREMIERE
Fatima – directed by Allison Foust – USA – WORLD PREMIERE
Scratchorama – directed by Robert Lyons – USA – EUROPEAN PREMIERE
Sleeper of the Valley – directed by Laura Carnet – CANADA – EUROPEAN PREMIERE
Stream, explore the unseen – directed by Roman De Giuli – GERMANY – FRENCH PREMIERE
The Story of the Little Girl Who Loved Butterflies – directed by Paula du Gelly – USA – WORLD PREMIERE


Amontillado – réalisé par Carolina Gómez de Llarena – FRANCE – PARIS PREMIERE
Mon père est un oiseau – réalisé par Lucie Pagès – FRANCE – COMPETITION PREMIERE
La Veilleuse – réalisé par Joan Borderie – FRANCE – PARIS PREMIERE
Que la mort nous sépare – réalisé par Fabien Luszezyszyn – FRANCE – WORLD PREMIERE


intl student short
Kids who jump off bridges – directed by Zoe Neary – CANADA – EUROPEAN PREMIERE
Silent Brave – directed by Jami Ramberan – USA – WORLD PREMIERE
The Impossible – directed by Kelly Hogrebe – USA – EUROPEAN PREMIERE
This home is not empty – directed by Carol Nguyen – CANADA – EUROPEAN PREMIERE


music video clip
All I Need is You – directed by Randall Maxwell – USA – WORLD PREMIERE
The big black wolf – directed by Adrian Langreo – SPAIN – FRENCH PREMIERE
Carpenter brut’s roller mobster – directed by Dorian Masson – FRANCE – WORLD PREMIERE
Saturday Morning – directed by Marco Gallo – ITALY – WORLD PREMIERE
Young gods – directed by Gavin Filipiak – USA – WORLD PREMIERE


animated film film d'animation
Maly Cousteau – Best animated film – directed by Jakub Kouril – CZECH REPUBLIC
Metamorphosis – Meilleur film d’animation – réalisé par Frédéric Even et Louise Mercadier – FRANCE
None of that – Best animated film – directed by Isabela Littger de Pinho, Anna Hinds Paddock and Kriti Kaur – USA – EUROPEAN PREMIERE


laurel nomination-actress leading role laurel nomination-actrice 1er role
Gisèle Casadesus – Meilleur actrice 1er rôle – Au Diapason – FRANCE – COMPETITION PREMIERE
Aurélia Crebessegues – Meilleur actrice 1er rôle – Où t’étais – FRANCE – COMPETITION PREMIERE
Emilie Deville – Meilleur actrice 1er rôle – L’usine l’autre nuit – FRANCE
Imogen Doel – Best actress leading role – Whisper – UK – WORLD PREMIERE
Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse – Meilleur actrice 1er rôle – C’est plus facile de liker que de dire je t’aime – QUEBEC – EUROPEAN PREMIERE


laurel nomination-directeur photographie laurel nomination-director photography
Michel Baudour – Meilleur Directeur de la photographie – Forêt – BELGIUM – EUROPEAN PREMIERE
Fabien Drugeon – Meilleur Directeur de la photographie – L’automne de Zao – FRANCE – PARIS PREMIERE
Raùl Fernandez – Meilleur Directeur de la photographie – L’Appel – FRANCE – PARIS PREMIERE
Jorrit Garretsen – Best Director of photography – Intrinsic Moral Evil – NETHERLANDS – PARIS PREMIERE
Olivier Landry – Best Director of photography – The Hunting – FRANCE



/ Features /

 acteur 1er role actor leading role

Baptiste Caillaud – Meilleur acteur dans un 1er rôle – AU SOUVENIR D’UNE LUNE – FRANCE – FRENCH PREMIERE
Andrew J. West – Best actor in a leading part – BIPOLAR – USA – WORLD PREMIERE

actress leading role actrice 1er role
Laetitia Casta – Meilleure actrice dans un 1er rôle – ARLETTY, UNE PASSION COUPABLE – FRANCE – FESTIVAL PREMIERE
Jill Evyn – Best actress in a leading part – ADALINE – USA – FRENCH PREMIERE
Kamille McCuin – Best actress in a leading part – NOLA CIRCUS – USA – EUROPEAN PREMIERE


/ Out of Competition /

out of competition

ASPIRATIONAL, short directed by Matthew Frost, starring Kirsten Dunst, USA. PARIS PREMIERE.


STAR TREK, OUR 50 YEARS MISSION, web documentary, directed by Christopher Tevebaugh, USA. WORLD PREMIERE.


ON THE EDGE OF OBLIVION / Aux Frontières de l’Oubli, fan film, réalisé Jordan Inconstant, FRANCE. EUROPEAN PREMIERE.

poster_3Edge Oblivion

La Momie, réalisé Lewis Eizykman, FRANCE.

Affiche La Momie

Tunnel, réalisé par Olivier Nelli, FRANCE. FESTIVAL PREMIERE.




Submissions for the 2018 edition will be accepted starting December 18th.

On this day, in 1963 came out the film CHARADE, starring Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant.

We are also now listed on :

Certification 2017 :

NEW : you can now submit your stills and photographs directly onto FilmFreeway.
Our goal is to select raw talents. We impose no theme, no topic, we want to see what YOU have to offer, in an artistic perspective, on a still picture.
We will exhibit the winner(s) during the festival.
Withoutabox logos are trademarks of Withoutabox, a DBA of IMDb.com Inc. or its affiliates.


The 2018 program will be unveiled here approx. 1-2 months before the festival date.

2017 films are listed here.

Télécharger le programme 2017 /// 2017 Screening program to download.




The 2017 Festival will take take place at the BALZAC movie theatre, 1 Rue Balzac, 75008 Paris.



If you’re a filmmaker or cast and crew of a selected film, you are granted a free entrance, to the full festival OR your block of screening. Please contact us.

If you want to attend as an audience, you can buy a ticket in advance (box office soon), or on site.

Please respect the DRESS CODE.

2560x500 YT pama


2016 synthetic program was : 2016-program

2015 full program was : Programme-PAMA-2015-A.




If you want to become a partner of the Festival, please send us an e-mail to pamaparisawards AT gmail.com

Download our presentation leaflet.


Certification 2017 :




We’re happy to say the BNP Paribas bank is our partner for the 3rd year in a row, with an expanding partnership to shape. Making them the only official partner supporting the festival since its creation.

Final Draft renews our partnership and will, again, offer several scriptwriting softwares to the PAMA winners.

Major French Casting website EtoileCasting is our partner for the 2017 edition. EtoileCasting offers casting breakdowns, online portfolios, and industry news.

Le Blog du Cinéma is a website with authors, talking about cinema with no boundaries : news, trailers, talents, but also TV, DVD and series : each journalist share his views and reviews with a high quality standard.

We’re thrilled to announce a new media partner being CineSeries Mag, one of the smartest French website reviewing films and series, but also news, music, cinema history, and of courses festivals.


We’ve been supporting charity LA VOIX DE L’ENFANT -Child Voice- since day one, inviting kids and youngsters to attend the festival for free and to meet with directors. We keep doing it of course, in 2017.

Book.fr is a website offering a complete range of tools for artists and talents to stream their reels, showcase their book, and create their website.


~ Previous Editions ~







Logo Garel




The Paris Art and Movie Awards international film festival proudly partners with « Child Voice », french federation « La Voix de l’Enfant ». This federation gathers many societies and associations that help children.

Because they are in need of a home, because of family issues, sometimes violence or simply loneliness or lack of luck… « Child Voice » give the kids a voice to defend themselves, from the streets to the courts, and give the opportunities to enhance their chances in life.

The Paris Art and Movie Awards opens several of its screenings to the kids, for free of course.

We also organize meetings for the kids with directors and artists during the festival.




Download our presentation leaflet.


E-mail : pamaparisawardsATgmailDOTcom

Facebook : Official PAMA FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Please notice we prefer e-mail. We first proceed to manage submissions, then we respond at first to your questions regarding your submission, then to the rest.

We try to be as fast responding as we can. Thanks.



~ PRESSE 2017 ~


La 3ème édition du Festival a eu lieu le 3 juillet 2017, à Paris.

Le Paris Art and Movie Awards est un festival de cinéma indépendant, qui tiendra sa 3ème édition à Paris le 3 juillet, au cinéma Le Balzac.

Longs et courts métrages, films d’animation, de danse, expérimentaux… Le festival accueille un large éventail de talents, venus du monde entier.

Après Mark Dacascos l’an dernier (Le Pacte des Loups, Crying Freeman, Only The Strong), c’est l’actrice Mélanie Doutey (César du meilleur espoir féminin pour Le Frère du Guerrier, vue dans La French, RTT…) qui préside cette année un jury de 13 personnalités du cinéma, de l’image, du marketing et des nouveaux médias.

A l’affiche cette année, Hugo Becker (Gossip Girls, Chefs) nominé dans la catégorie meilleur acteur; Anna Mouglalis, nommée dans la catégorie meilleure comédienne; Tetsuo Nagata (La Vie en Rose, MicMacs à Tire Larigot, Splice…) nominé dans la catégorie meilleur directeur de la photographie, Jean-Paul Fresnay, récompensé au festival d’Austin et nominé au PAMA dans la catégorie meilleur clip, ou encore Jonathan Kingston Gameiro (crédité sur Star Wars: Episode VIII, Doctor Strange, Jason Bourne) qui présente son court-métrage True Heart, multi-nominé au PAMA cette année.

La programmation comprend également un film d’animation traitant de la situation opposant les Sioux de Standing Rock au gouvernement américain, un court-métrage français dans lequel Anna Mouglalis interprète Niki de Saint Phalle, et pour la première fois depuis la création du festival, un film Iranien (Icky) est sélectionné en compétition officielle dans la catégorie meilleur film d’animation, malgré la censure artistique et économique frappant dans ce pays depuis plusieurs années.

Dans les nouveaux prix cette année, le PAMA décernera le trophée de la meilleure musique de film, le prix du meilleur monteur, et le prix de la meilleure photo d’art.

Le meilleur réalisateur de l’année repartira avec le fameux trophée signature du festival, une tour Eiffel de bronze, les autres prix comprenant des plaques de cristal gravées au laser à l’effigie de Brigitte Bardot (après Audrey Hepburn l’an dernier).

Le festival a également tissé de nombreux partenariats avec Etoile Casting, Final Draft et Book.fr pour offrir de nombreux prix en nature aux lauréats et aux artistes sélectionnés en compétition.

Jury : http://parisartandmovieawards.com/judges/2017-judges/

Billetterie : https://www.billetweb.fr/festival-paris-art-and-movie-awards 

Sélection officielle : http://parisartandmovieawards.com/2017-official-competition/

Programmation : http://parisartandmovieawards.com/#program

Site : http://parisartandmovieawards.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/thepama

Teaser : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iVVT7N9EyA




Download our presentation leaflet.

1st 2017 interview of Matt Beurois, festival founder :

Download pdf or read online on Festival Review.

~ PRESSE 2016 ~

Discours d’ouverture du Député Frédéric Lefebvre, de la 1ère circonscription : Amérique du Nord, Canada, Quebec :

Mark Dacascos’ interview, english version. Interview de Mark Dacascos, version française.

Capture d’écran 2016-07-28 à 15.57.31imagesCapture d’écran 2016-07-28 à 15.58.04

Interview de Melissa Mars.

Hungary Today, article and review of Best Music Video winner.

Capture d’écran 2016-07-28 à 16.09.51

Interview de Quentin Lecocq.

Interview du fondateur du PAMA sur Radio Aligre, cliquez sur le logo :


Article sur Jonathan Lago Lago, lauréat 2016.


Présentation sur FilmFestivals.com.

Article sur le site du député Frédéric Lefebvre :

Capture d’écran 2016-08-18 à 14.48.37

Vidéos de la cérémonie de remise des prix sur la page You Tube de Mulderville, et du Paris Art and Movie Awards.

Capture d’écran 2016-08-01 à 12.57.31


Logo jpg : Download

Logo png black and white: Download

Logo png color : Download

Logo png color 2 : Download

Affiche 2016 / 2016 poster : Download

2016 laurels : here.

~ TEAM ~


Matt Beurois, founder, general manager.

Matt directed 25 films, wrote 5 feature scripts and several series, went to 35 film festivals with his film Man of the Past, which won number of international awards. Matt also got nominated or winning 7 times as a scriptwriter : once for Homeless, 3 times for 26 Miles, and 3 times for « Five Minutes with Mary » (trailer, and Facebook page), his latest installment listed by MTV.

Matt’s Imdb.

Matt’s website.

Mathieu, fondateur du festival.

Mathieu, fondateur du festival.


Auregan, co-general manager, accounting.

Auregan is a singer-songwriter, international performer. She recorded a duet with Billy Ray Cyrus (Miley Cyrus father), a full album and several singles in France, UK and the US, including the hit rock’n’roll title 1798.

Her latest song, « Paris-Désert » is an award-winning song as best original track for a film at the Los Angeles Cinefest, and is available on every digital platform.

She also is a producer with her company Yucca Prime, and an award-moninated (Portsmouth Film Festival -UK). As a scriptwriter she got 7 times nominated.

Auregan’s Imdb.

Auregan’s website.

Auregan + Imogen

Auregan (to the left) giving Imogen Doel her best leading actress award, sept 2016.



Olivier Nelli, technical side of the force.

Olivier is a director claiming himself from the genre : fantasy and horror. He directed several shorts, many music videos, and his first feature Paradox will star Christopher Lambert and Iggy Pop.

Olivier’s Imdb.

Olivier, technicien projections.

Olivier, technicien projections.


Vincent Moreau, website designer.

Vincent is a talented cinematographer and webdesigner who worked in France and over the world. He also launched the innovative platform Social Film Project.

Vincent’s Imdb.




During the first edition, September 2015, we relied a lot on our volunteers :

Marianne Bouin :


Marianne, journaliste (interviews, débats) -left-

Marianne, journaliste (interviews, débats).

Arturo Preciado Rodriguez :

Arturo, go-between (left).

Arturo, go-between (left).

Alex Boston :

Alex, journaliste JRI.

Alex, journaliste JRI.

Alexandra Zakharova

Fanny Larade

Laura Taubman

Elisa Guilleminet




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