~ 2018 Winners ~



INGENIUM, directed by Steffen Hacker, GERMANY, 1H28 > More soon. FRENCH PREMIERE



LA DORMANCE (The Dormant Season), directed by Vincent Malaisé, FRANCE, 19′ > More. FRENCH PREMIERE



THE JUDGMENT OF KYLE NOBLE, directed by Danilo Dayani, USA, 11′ > More soon. WORLD PREMIERE



KAPLAND – UP IN THE SKY, directed by Arly Jones and Sami Natsheh, SPAIN, 6′ > More soon. FRENCH PREMIERE



MUDRA OF STRENGTH, picture taken by Ed Benkowski, USA > More soon. WORLD PREMIERE



PARIS YOU GOT ME, directed by Julie Boehm, GERMANY, 10′ > More. WORLD PREMIERE



THE PANTHER, directed by Carla Albiero, CANADA, 3′ > More. WORLD PREMIERE

Ex-Aequo / Tie with :

GAME CHANGER, directed by Aviv Mano, USA, 3′ > More soon. EUROPEAN PREMIERE



LA CHAMBRE NOIRE (The Dark Room), directed by Morgane Segaert, FRANCE, 21′ > More.


BEST VISUAL ART IN MOTION (Experimental film)

UNO SENSE, directed by Van Chriqui, ISRAEL, 5′ > More. WORLD PREMIERE



AN UNDENIABLE VOICE, directed by Price Arana and Adam Rothlein, USA, 16′ > More. FRENCH PREMIERE



JULIE BOEHM, for her work on PARIS YOU GOT ME / International short film, GERMANY, 10′ > More. WORLD PREMIERE



ESTHER MAAß, for her performance as Felicitas in INGENIUM of directed by Steffen Hacker, GERMANY, 1H28 > More soon. FRENCH PREMIERE



SAM ROCKWELL, for his performance as Officer Witt in THE DARK OF NIGHT, directed by Robin Wright, USA, 9′ > More. PARIS PREMIERE



MALIK BRAHIMI for PAR LE SANG (BY BLOOD), directed by Guillaume Enard and Jonathan Delerue, FRANCE, 13′ > More soon.



JEREMY PITARD and SEBASTIEN BACCHINI for THE CELL, directed by Guillaume Lubrano / Web Series, France, Ep 01 : 7′ > More soon. WORLD COMPETITION PREMIERE






INK, directed by Laurent King, FRANCE, Ep 01 : 11′ > More. WORLD PREMIERE / UNRELEASED



JEANNE-PERI FOUCAULT, for her work on L’OISEAU (THE BIRD), directed by Lisa Hurel, FRANCE, 20′ > More. WORLD PREMIERE




NO ALTERNATIVE / Overall soundtrack / Directed by William Dickerson, USA, 1H37 > More. EUROPEAN PREMIERE



THE SHEPHERDS OF CAT ISLAND, written by Attila Rostas, USA, 7 pages > More. EUROPEAN PREMIERE



SEEDS, written by Natalie van der Meulen, USA, 110 pages > More. FRENCH PREMIERE


~ 2018 JUDGES ~

We are happy to announce our 2018 international Judges.



Kristanna is best known as the dangerously beautiful “Terminatrix” in the highly successful Warner Bros. franchise film TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES.

Kristanna has also starred in Sony’s S.W.A.T: FIREFIGHT, the action flick BLACK ROSE alongside Adrian Paul (Highlander the series), BODY OF DECEIT (distributed by FilmRise), ATTACK ON DARFUR just to name a few, and LIME SALTED LOVE : the latter two films she also produced.

She also starred in numerous T.V. cult favorites including PAINKILLER JANE (which she also co-exec produced), the critically acclaimed THE L-WORD, and the Sy-Fy mini-series, DARK KINGDOM: THE DRAGON KING.

After recurring in seasons 5 and 6 of BURN NOTICE on USA Network, Kristanna produced and starred alongside two-time Academy Award nominee, Bruce Dern in her film FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM. Kristanna reprised her role from the hit show “Boy Meets World” on Disney’s “Girl Meets World”.

Lately she guest starred on FOX’s TV adaptation of LETHAL WEAPON, and has the film REPEATER due for release later this year. Kristanna just launched her production company, Trio Entertainment with 10 films and a TV series on their slate.

Her production company Trio Entertainment.

Her Imdb.

Her Instagram.

Her Twitter.

Her Facebook.



Grégori was the Best Promising Actor at the Cesar Awards 2004 (the French Academy Awards), after he’d already been nominated 2 year before in 2002.

He won thanks to his performance in “Bon Voyage”, directed by Jean-Paul Rappeneau, starring Gérard Depardieu, Virginie Ledoyen and Isabelle Adjani, when in 2002 he was nominated for “The Officer’s Ward”, directed by François Dupeyron, both critically acclaimed films.

Grégori used to live in Russia, then in French Guyana, then around Paris.

His first appearance in a feature was in 1996, alonside with Charlotte Gainsbourg in “Anna Oz”, directed by Eric Rochant. He also worked with Claude Lelouch in “Les Parisiens” and “Le Courage d’Aimer”, and he starred in “The Assault” directed by Julien Leclerq, inspired by true events.
He appeared in “The 4 Musketeers” distributed by Lionsgate, and works a lot for high quality French TV movies and prime time TV shows.

Grégori also is a speaker for the Nicolas Hulot Foundation for mankind and nature.

His Agency’s page.



Richard Blake is a director whose feature film THE ROCKET is now available worldwide on Amazon, I-Tunes, and all the platforms.

He started out his career as an actor in the city of Chicago, IL. In addition to acting on stage as well as commercially, he modeled for such names as Abercrombie & Fitch, The Gap, Nike, and Calvin Klein. After joining the Screen Actors Guild, Richard headed west to seek further opportunity as an artist. He’s appeared on several television programs including Everwood, Drop Dead Diva, Cold Case, CSI, NCIS: Los Angeles…

Richard landed a larger supporting role in 20th Century Fox’s “Dragonball: Evolution” in 2009. In 2012 he was cast as one of the leads in the 60’s set indie film “Snake and Mongoose”.

In 2015 Blake founded the company Amberock Productions with his wife Amber. They wrapped their first feature film “The Rocket”, based on a true story, now available everywhere.

Richard’s Imdb.

Film website.



Julia is an award winning film, television and theater actress and producer.

She appreared in Red Sparrow alongside Jennifer Lawrence this year.

In 2018 she stars in the TV series The Teacher as the female lead. She also worked on CBS’s Hawaii Five-O playing a special agent, and appeared on the hit BBC / NETFLIX series The Last Kingdom and CBC’s spy drama series X Company.

Her career already covers 10+ years of work with features, shorts, theater plays, radio plays and commercials. She was awarded Best Actress at the 40th Hungarian Film Festival for her leading role in the comedy feature Virtually a Virgin.

Her work on a recent Hollywood theater success Fefu & Her Friends got rave reviews. Julia is now the owner and cofounder of J.U.S.T. Toys Productions, a Los Angeles based production company, producing Toys: A Dark Fairy Tale and Fefu & Her Friends. The plays traveled around the world, including Los Angeles and Off Broadway New York in the USA, Romania, Hungary and France in Europe. Coming from Hungary, Julia describes herself as an artist without borders and currently lives in Los Angeles.

She deeply cares about gender equality devoting her art to empower those who are cast aside, making her a perfect ft for the 2018 PAMA Jury.

Her website.

Her Imdb.

Her production company.

Her Facebook.

Her Twitter.

Her Instagram.



Graduated from ESCP Europe, Sciences Po, et Doctor in comparative law, Magali Lafourcade is primarily a high level French lawyer with a proven solid background.

She is currently running the CNCDH, Commission Nationale Consultative des Droits de l’Homme : the Global Alliance Of National Human Rights Institutions.

Former Judge in court, she previously was general deputy secretary of the CNCDH between 2013 and 2016. She is also a senior official expert for the European Agency of Fundamental Rights.

Since 2009, she teatches at Sciences Po Paris, one of the leading school where come the major political figures from.

Elected member of the Réseau européen des Institutions nationales des droits de l’homme (ENNHRI), Magali  has her seat at the Sous-Comité d’accréditation reporting to the United Nations.

Despite her obviously busy schedule, and because she is constantly looking out for others, Magali deceided to accept our invitation to watch the French short films this year at the PAMA, and doing so be part of the festival to support emerging talents in filmmaking and arts.


Her Twitter.



Mark Petrie is a New Zealand film, television and video game composer. He is best known for composing the music used in trailers for Avengers : Infinity War, Guardians of the Galaxy, Life of Pi, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, The Hobbit and for writing the score for Madden NFL in the US.

He recently scored the feature film The Calling starring Susan Sarandon and Donald Sutherland.

He has also composed scores for films, television shows, documentaries, political campaigns and sporting events.

Mark will participate in the judging of the score category submissions.

His website.




Tiphaine is a French actress. She starred in the Cesar (French Academy Awards) winning short film The Winkles (Les Bigorneaux), directed by Alice Vial.

She appeared in major Box Office successes such as Eyjafjallajökull, with Danny Boon, and Hippocrates: Diary of a French Doctor (Hippocrate). You can also see her in Netflix’s The Climb, and the genre fans know well her since 2013 when she starred in the cult-classic Goal of the Dead.

Her role in The Winkles got her the Jury Prize and the Audience Prize for best upcoming actress.

She also worked a lot on French television in series such as RIS, and TV movies like Zone Blanche, Lazy Company or Dead Land to name just a few.

Her Facebook.

Her Instagram.

Her Agency’s profile.



Jansen R. Panettiere is an actor and artist born in New-York and based in Los Angeles.

In the US, he is well known for his roles in Disney’s TIGER CRUISE, Nickelodeon’s LAST DAY OF SUMMER, and many films he stared in since he was under 10 years old.

He recently had the lead in THE MARTIAL ARTS KID, SUMMER FOREVER, and voiced several characters in animated blockbusters such as ICE AGE : THE MELTDOWN and ROBOTS.

In addition to his acting career, he is a creative artist and prolific painter.

Jansen was a Judge to the Hollywood Art and Movie Awards this January 2018. He’ll be overseing the art category of the 2018 Paris Art and Movie Awards.

His Imdb.

His Instagram.

His Art Instagram.



Born and raised in Provence (South of France), Elodie exuded passion for romanticism and classical piano at a very young age, inspired by her grandfather.

She pursued music composition and performance with distinction in the Conservatoires of Lyon (with first prizes) and Paris (focusing on composition for orchestra, and theory of orchestra), and then jazz courses at the Conservatoire of Valence.

She held piano solo recitals in Europe, playing Beethoven, Brubeck, Chopin, Debussy and Mozart, while also composing for silent movies and cartoons, including live representation in cinema festivals. This includes an award for composition on the movie “Zur Chronik Von Grieshuus” from Alexander Von Gerlach.

Moving to Australia in 2009, she performed concerts in many venues including The Basement, Foundry 616, Sound Lounge, Bennetts Lane and the Melbourne Recital Centre.

Elodie’s debut Australian album Vertigo was released successfully in late 2013. Her compositions are regularly aired on ABC Classic FM, and her album has been CD of the week at 2MBS FM and 3MBS FM.

Elodie recently composed film scores for a recently released movie “The Last Goodbye” (directed by award winning film maker Samantha Rebillet) and “Generation A”, an inspirational documentary about education in Afghanistan by Jasmin Kozowy.

 She will be a juror for the best score / composer category.

Her website.

Her albums.

Her Facebook.



Macarena Gómez is one of the most popular and accomplished actresses in Spain. With over 40 awards and nominations, including a Best Leading Actress nomination at the Goya Awards for her role in “Shrew’s nest”.

Macarena’s impressive body of work consists of 30 feature films, countless shorts and starring in Spain’s top rated TV show for 11 seasons, “La que se avecina”, on Telecinco. She also has worked internationally in countries like USA, UK, and Dominican Republic.

She is also known for her portrayal of mermaid-like priestess Uxía Cambarro in the 2001 horror movie “Dagon” and for her starring role in the 2008 comedy-horror film “Sexykiller”. She trained at Rose Bruford College Drama School in London.

By the end of 2013, right after the beginning of the new season of the soap opera “La que se avecina”, Macarena Gómez starts presenting TV-commercials for the Spanish banking group Bankia.

In June 2013, Macarena Gómez married musician and film director Aldo Comas. In 2016, Macarena has given a unique interview dedicated to all her Russian – speaking fans. the interview was given to Ukrainian horror writer Denis Bushlatov and was published in the biggest Russian horror magazine Darker.

Her website.
Her Twitter.
Her Imdb.

Some pictures of Macarena Gomez : DR Juan Manuel Macarro.


Mark Dacascos, 2016 Judge

Laetitia Casta, 2015 film official competition

Mélanie Doutey, 2017, Jury President

Kirsten Dunst, 2015 film out of competition

Hugo Becker, 2017, nominated in competition as best actor

David Salles, 2015 Judge

Melissa Mars, 2016 Judge

Jean-Pierre Lavoignat, 2015 on-stage invited figure

Edith Cresson, 2015 festival opening

Alain Doutey, 2016 Judge

Joseph Pearlmann, 2015 and 2016 Judge

Gérard Chaillou, 2015 Judge

Cartman, 2015 figure

Charles Tentindo, 2016 Judge

Guillaume Faure, 2017, actor

Nicky Naudé, 2017, Judge

Marc Morineau, 2015 and 2016 Judge

Auregan, 2015 figure

Quentin Lecocq, 2016 Judge

Ken Samuels, 2017, actor

Laurent Jaudon, 2016 on-stage figure

Frédéric Lefebvre, 2016 festival opening

Géraldine Beigbeder, 2015 and 2016 Judge

Jean-Eric Branaa, 2016 on-stage figure

Gisele Casadesus, 2015 film competition

Caterina Murino, 2015 film competition

Louis Saha, 2015 film competition

Piper Lincoln, 2017, actress

Luc Abalo, 2015 film competition

Béatrice Rosen, 2015 film competition

Jean Veber, 2015 film competition

Nicolas Vannier, 2015 figure

Maxime Verner, 2016 figure

Arnaud Selignac, 2015 film competition




court français

Kitchen – directed by Steve Duchesne – FRANCE

Apparition – directed by Denis Dobrovoda – FRANCE – FRENCH PREMIERE

Tunisia 2045 – directed by Ted Hardy-Carnac – FRANCE – PARIS PREMIERE

Fleur de peau – directed by Christophe Monier – FRANCE – WORLD PREMIERE

1870 – directed by Fabien Drugeon – FRANCE – WORLD PREMIERE

Avant – directed by Arthur Tabuteau – FRANCE 

Faux départ – directed by François Zaïdi – FRANCE – PARIS PREMIERE

AFFICHE_KITCHENFinal Poster Design.1ImpressionFleur_de_peau_Affichebaffichev010365617_1454079174866020_3507847527492021709_o1-poster_Faux départ




intl short

Bedtime – directed by Dallas Burgess – USA – EUROPEAN PREMIERE

La Preuve – directed by Jonathan Lago-Lago – BELGIUM – WORLD PREMIERE

Town vs Gown – directed by Mark Hampton – UK – SCREENING PREMIERE, PARIS PREMIERE

Malgré Nous – directed by Valentin Pittard – SWITZERLAND – WORLD PREMIERE

Salt water – directed by Nadine Wright – CANADA – WORLD PREMIERE

13465966_864407177036701_8503942229808009729_nAffiche La Preuve 01Town_vs_Gown_Poster_1poster_Malgre_Nous_copy_5MV5BMjQxOTMzMjk4OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjE0ODUzNzE@._V1_





Capsule – directed by Andrew Martin – UK – FRENCH PREMIERE

Sweet Girls – directed by Jean-Paul Cardinaux and Xavier Ruiz – SWITZERLAND – FRENCH PREMIERE

Capsule_Poster_v2_PROOF_SMALL SG_2016



music video

Song “What do you really wanna say” – directed by Eszter Angyalosy and Dániel Szőke – Band : Wonderland – HUNGARY – FRENCH PREMIERE

Song “Beatin” – directed by Quentin Perez – Artist : Ana Kova – FRANCE – PARIS PREMIERE

Song “En visant la lune” – directed by Julien Hassid – Band : Delta – BELGIUM – WORLD PREMIERE

Song “I come in pieces” – directed by Mikaël Vecchio – Band : Underdogs – FRANCE – EUROPEAN PREMIERE

wndrlnd_0712509388_1022748974412056_69861223787231801_nunnamed ImagePromoFestDef2-2



Political animals – directed by Jonah Markowitz and Tracy Wares – USA – EUROPEAN PREMIERE

The postmodern pioneer plaque – directed by Boris Kozlov – SPAIN – FRENCH PREMIERE

Sustainable futures : survivor girls – directed by Nicole Watson – CANADA – SCREENING PREMIERE

The intimate realities of water – directed by Adrian Parr and Sean Hughes – USA – WORLD PREMIERE

11X17PPlaque_Poster_LaurelsPoster SFSG 1 IntimateH2OPoster




animated film

Farbenspiel – directed by Alexander Dannhauser, Artem Selennov & Jenny Diehl – GERMANY – FRENCH PREMIERE

Chhaya – directed by Debanjan Nandy – INDIA – WORLD PREMIERE

The Wishgranter – directed by Echo Wu, Kal Athannassov & John Mcdonald – USA – FRENCH PREMIERE

Alone – directed by Jeton Lakna – KOSOVO – EUROPEAN PREMIERE





art in motion

Headway – directed by Nicolas Romieu and Yohann Grignou – FRANCE – WORLD PREMIERE

The Puddle – directed by Serdar Yilmaz – TURKEY – WORLD PREMIERE

Paris Day & Night – directed by Constantine Konovalov – RUSSIA – WORLD PREMIERE

A place I’ve never been – directed by Adrian Flury – SWITZERLAND

Fruitcake – directed by Harriet Francis Croucher – UK – WORLD PREMIERE

Life on the line – directed by Christian Holm Glad – NORWAY – WORLD PREMIERE




best feature script

Lady of the Lake – written by Jesse d’Angelo – USA – WORLD PREMIERE

Tinsel Child – written by Tom Radovich – USA – WORLD PREMIERE

Night Without Shade – written by Dimitri Dietrich Limpert – GERMANY – WORLD PREMIERE

13438877_1773649086184263_6140017383601608081_n TinselChild_TitlePagePoster_Nacht-ohne-Schatten2


best short script

Mom – written by Daniela Moran – MEXICO – WORLD PREMIERE

Amor Fati – written by Beth Anne Guerrera – USA – WORLD PREMIERE

US Navy Cine-Kodak – written by Stephen M. Hunt – FRANCE – WORLD PREMIERE

Ace and Anxious – written by Bri Castellini – USA – WORLD PREMIERE

Deception pass – written by Erik Guerrero Wiese & Cynthia True – USA – WORLD PREMIERE

 Amor Fatiusnckposter Ace and Anxious graphic poster DecpPass Poster


~ 2015 AWARDS ~

The award ceremony took place in Paris, 2015, sept 27th, 6:30PM.

The 2016 awards are on this page.

Meilleur court-métrage étudiant français de l’année

LA VEILLEUSE réalisé par Joan Borderie


Best international student short of the year

SILENT BRAVE directed by Jami Ramberan



Best Music Video of the year

SATURDAY MORNING directed by Marco Gallo

_MG_3266 11222403_10207801868395495_635345279345491336_n


Best short script of the year

STEEL HARVEST written by Christiian Kutlik



Best feature script of the year

THE LAST INDIAN WAR written by Michael Graf



Best Director Of Photography

JORRIT GARRETSEN, movie“Intrinsic Moral Evil”, directed by Harm Weistra


Representing the film was Fernando Dominguez, choregrapher.


Best lead actress for a short

IMOGEN DOEL, movie “Whisper”, directed by Joe Lewis

_MG_3322 _MG_3557


Meilleur acteur pour un court-métrage

MIKAEL ALHAWI, film “Où t’étais”, réalisé par Vincent Morvan



Meilleur acteur dans un long métrage

BAPTISTE CAILLAUD, film « Au Souvenir d’une Lune », réalisé par Guillaume Caramelle



Best Lead Actress in a feature

KAMILLE McCUIN, film Nola Circus, réalisé par Luc Annest


Award accepted by Jessica Morali, actress, and Arnaud Bettan, producer of the movie.


Meilleure web série de l’année

AUTHENTIK réalisé par Anthony Lemaitre



Best animation of the year

MALY COUSTEAU directed by Jacuk Kuril



Best documentary of the year

SEVEN DAYS A WEEK directed by Tal Amiran



Best experimental and visual arts in motion




Meilleur réalisateur pour un court métrage

ALBAN RAVASSARD, film « L’Appel »



Best International short of the year

HEADLOCK directed by Garreth Stover



Meilleur court-métrage français de l’année

LA FORCE DE L’AGE, réalisé par Quentin Lecocq


Prix dans les mains de Gérard Dessalles, acteur principal.


Submissions are open for the 2020, 10th anniversary edition in Paris, France. 

We are a 5 star reviewed film festival.

Thousands of filmmakers and submitters trusted us since we started as a small, underground student film festival.

We grew with and thanks to our community.


And as usual you can submit using:

Screenings will take place on the Champs Elysees again.

You can already submit to our winter festival, the Hollywood Art & Movie Awards, set up for January 2020.


Our event is scheduled mid-September 2020, specific dates To Be Confirmed.
Due to changing local regulations, we are securing our 10th edition anniversary mainly as an online celebration.
Our program is being enhanced to make it an interactive event.
🎁 Our gifts the filmmakers are being adjusted to make them redeemable in a realistic way. We already secured new sponsors to give away valuable digital gifts and prizes that can ship internationally.

If local safety options allow a live event with decent preparation time, we’ll announce it as it becomes a serious and safe option.

We will celebrate anyway short and feature films, independent filmmakers, and ambitious creative minds.
In the end, we’ll all get ready to celebrate our 10th anniversary!

~2020 PROGRAM ~

Our 2020 program will include:

More soon.

We are taking YOUR questions for Natascha McElhone.


E-MAIL: send us an email with your questions (3 maximum).

Please sign with at least your first name. You are also encouraged to specify if you had a film selected at the PAMA, if you are a filmmaker, scriptwriter, performer…

VIDEO: tape your ONE question with your phone or camera.

Then send it to us by email. 1920×1080 maximum accepted res. No more than 500MB.

DEADLINE: June 20. Email: pamaparisawardsATgmail.com

All submissions will be considered and moderated. Some will be pre-selected by the PAMA management, some will also be randomly picked.

~ 2019 PROGRAM ~

The 2019 edition of the Paris Art & Movie Awards includes movies starring:

Gerard Depardieu, Anne Marivin, Gaspar Ulliel, Olivier Marchal, Diplo, Alban Lenoir, Alain Chamfort, Bernard Mabille, Avicii, Chris Martin, Gil Alma, Medi Sadoun, Lionel Abelanski, Michel Fau, Olivier Rabourdin…

Tuesday Sept 17

A DEMAIN (SEE YOU TOMORROW), directed by Pauline Mabille, FRANCE, 19′.

TREATMENT, directed by Andrea Behring, USA, 8′.


FOURTEEN, directed by Rowena Rasmussen, AUSTRALIA, 8′.


IDIOSYNCRASY, directed by Tim Moldenhauer, HONG KONG, 2′.


WHITE WOLVES, directed by Sarah Koteles, USA, 14′.


LIFE!, directed by Ramesh Jai, GHANA, 4′.

DON’T FEED THESE ANIMALS, directed by Guilherme Afonso, Miguel Madaíl de Freitas, PORTUGAL, 11′.


AWARENESS, directed by Arttu Nieminen, FINLAND, 4′.



(ticket includes all screenings that day. Even selected filmmakers MUST book their free tickets).

Venue: Majestic Bastille

Wednesday Sept 18

PARENTS INC., directed by Harold Zwart, USA, 6′ / IN SUPPORT OF The Disability Film Challenge, USA.


BURNING BRIGHT, directed by Aaron Bierman, USA, 9′.


PREVIEW, directed by Emilien PARON, FRANCE, 15′.


LA JUNGLE, directed by Victor Ohmer, FRANCE, 15′.




CONSOMMABLE (Consumable),  directed by Salomé Starcelli, FRANCE, 11′.


GRENOUILLE DE CRYSTAL (Crystal Frog), directed by Slony Sow, FRANCE, 16′.

CLAC!, directed by Fabien Ara, FRANCE, 20′.

L’AMAZONE (The Amazon), directed by Alexandra Naoum, FRANCE, 14′.

UNE NUIT (One Night), directed by Guillaume Caramelle, FRANCE, 3′.

CHACUN SON TOUR (One after the other), directed by Didier Burnichon, FRANCE, 15′.




(ticket includes all screenings that day. Even selected filmmakers MUST book their free tickets).

Venue: Majestic Bastille

Thursday Sept 19

THE TIGRESS MASQUE, directed by Gowri Neelavar, INDIA, 3′.


MAKING IT AGAINST ALL ODDS, directed by Soraya Azzabi, CANADA, 24′.


SIRENS TANGO, directed by Lisa Le Lievre, USA, 12′.


THE STOP, directed by Komrakova Liudmila, RUSSIA, 5′.


IN MY BLOOD, directed by Samuel Hicks, UK, 3′.


PAPA, directed by Christophe Switzer, FRANCE, 15′.



JE SUIS CHAUD, directed by Benoit Bargeton, FRANCE, 3′.


A TERRE (Down), directed by Arnaud Mizzon, FRANCE, 17′.

ALAIN CHAMFORT + Cie NIKI NOVES – LINOLEUM, directed by Niki Noves, FRANCE, 6′.


AN AUSPICIOUS EFFORT, directed by Deniz Uymaz, TURKEY, 14′.


COUP D’FEU (Shot Fired), directed by Pierre-André Gilard, FRANCE, 8′.


MORT AUX CODES (To Hell with Codes), directed by Léopold Legrand, FRANCE, 14′.



(ticket includes all screenings that day. Even selected filmmakers MUST book their free tickets).

Venue: Gaumont Marignan, ChampsÉlysées

Friday Sept 20

THE LAPS: TASMANIA, directed by Angie Davis, AUSTRALIA, 53′.



ORDALIE (Ordeal), directed by Sacha Barbin, FRANCE, 16′.

ETERNITY, directed by Anna Sobolevksa, UKRAINE, 24′.



Award Giveaway (dress code)


(ticket include all screenings that day, then the award giveaway. Even selected filmmakers MUST book their free tickets).

Venue: Gaumont Marignan, ChampsÉlysées

~ 2018 PROGRAM ~

The 2018 program.


Want to become a sponsor? Contact us.

Presentation booklet.

Certifications, labels & accolades:

Festival of the Month, WFCN. | Gold labeled festival, FilmFreeway.

Top 100 Best Reviewed fest & luminary festival, FilmFreeway.

Imdb Qualifying, Imdb / Imdb Pro. | Local Favorite, Culture Trip.






We’re happy to say the BNP Paribas bank is our partner for the 3rd year in a row, with an expanding partnership to shape. Making them the only official partner supporting the festival since its creation.

Final Draft renews our partnership and will, again, offer several scriptwriting softwares to the PAMA winners.

Major French Casting website EtoileCasting is our partner for the 2017 edition. EtoileCasting offers casting breakdowns, online portfolios, and industry news.

Le Blog du Cinéma is a website with authors, talking about cinema with no boundaries : news, trailers, talents, but also TV, DVD and series : each journalist share his views and reviews with a high quality standard.

We’re thrilled to announce a new media partner being CineSeries Mag, one of the smartest French website reviewing films and series, but also news, music, cinema history, and of courses festivals.

We’ve been supporting charity LA VOIX DE L’ENFANT -Child Voice- since day one, inviting kids and youngsters to attend the festival for free and to meet with directors. We keep doing it of course, in 2017.

Book.fr is a website offering a complete range of tools for artists and talents to stream their reels, showcase their book, and create their website.


~ Previous Editions ~






Logo Garel


~ 2020 ACTIONS ~

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we support:

Covid-19 response with special operation Neighbors to Neighbors. Team Rubicon is built to serve, and in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve launched the #NeighborsHelpingNeighbors initiative to meet the needs of our communities through safe individual acts of service. 

Team Rubicon Instagram.


L’Institut Pasteur sur Instagram.

~ 2019 & 2020 CHARITY ~

The PAMA choose to support the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge. In 2019, the winning film of this worldwide event screened in Paris, France, as the opening film of the festival.

In 2020, we will screen a selection a several Disability Film Challenge films, each of them with a presentation and a QnA with filmmakers.

Thank you Nic for making us a small piece of this initiative.

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The Easterseals Disability Film Challenge gives filmmakers—with and without disabilities—the opportunity to collaborate to tell unique stories that showcase disability in its many forms.

The film challenge is a weekend-long filmmaking contest, open to all, that provides a platform for new voices in the entertainment industry. Each year, aspiring storytellers are prompted to creatively write, produce and complete a short film. Every team must have at least one participant with a disability. Challenge winners receive invaluable access to entertainment professionals, opening the door to an industry notoriously difficult to enter.

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The Paris Art and Movie Awards international film festival proudly partnered with several charities for years :

La Voix de l’Enfant / Child’s Voice (FRANCE), 2015-2018.

The American Legion (USA and FRANCE), 2018.

We also support the Time’s Up movement.


– “Child Voice“, the French largest chartity protecting kids in France (federation “La Voix de l’Enfant”). This federation gathers many societies and associations that help children, defend them in courts, protect their rights, give them a voice, offer education and protection.

Because they are in need of a home, because of family issues, sometimes violence or simply loneliness or lack of luck… “Child Voice” give the kids a voice to defend themselves, from the streets to the courts, and give the opportunities to enhance their chances in life.

The Paris Art and Movie Awards opens several of its screenings to the kids, for free of course. We also run special screenings and meetings during the festival, for the filmakers to talk and explain movies to the kids, from 7 to 29.

“We are proud to support La Voix de l’Enfant since the festival’s inception. Movies are about freedom, knowledge, entertainment, and fun. We often consider these as basic everyday stuff. For some people, they are not. With our actions, we want to support the kids, and just have them enjoy and discover what movies are about and for.”

Matt Beurois, festival founder and Ceo.


“Thanks to our activities in Los Angeles, we’ve been lucky to meet some extraodinary people. In here in the USA, being a veteran means a lot. It has its perks, and its challenges. From France, we often don’t really understand the meaning of “service“, it is a different culture. This year, starting in 2018, we are happy today to start working with the American Legion, to share our experiences, and be somehow helpful to those who gave some, or gave all.”

Matt Beurois

The 2018 edition of the Paris Art and Movie Awards will include a special screening with and for the Veterans. This will bring a new audience to the screenings, and will also bring the screenings to new places, being a great opportunity for the filmmakers.

The Paris Post is post number one because it’s been the very first created after World War II. Once again, we are proud and humbled to team with people who made history, to a human level, and more.

We also are in connexion with Post 43 (Hollywood), and soon with Post 150 (Burbank).


Our winter festival, the Hollywood Art and Movie Awards, raised awareness to the Time’s Up movement, inviting people to donate directely to their fund.

We are very cautious, each year with the PAMA and the HAMA, to select judges from very different backgrounds, origins, cultures, with various life and work experiences, including women and men.

We will continue to work this way in 2018 and after that.



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E-mail : pamaparisawardsATgmailDOTcom

Facebook : Official PAMA FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Please notice we prefer e-mail. We first proceed to manage submissions, then we respond at first to your questions regarding your submission, then to the rest.

We try to be as fast responding as we can. Thanks.



2018 French EPK: Dossier de Presse 2018 – Sharon Stone au PAMA.

2018 presentation booklet: présentation 2018.


More press here.

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~ PRESS 2016 ~

Discours d’ouverture du Député Frédéric Lefebvre, de la 1ère circonscription : Amérique du Nord, Canada, Quebec :


Mark Dacascos’ interview, english version. Interview de Mark Dacascos, version française.


Capture d’écran 2016-07-28 à 15.57.31imagesCapture d’écran 2016-07-28 à 15.58.04

Interview de Melissa Mars.

Hungary Today, article and review of Best Music Video winner.

Interview de Quentin Lecocq.

Interview du fondateur du PAMA sur Radio Aligre, cliquez sur le logo :


Article sur Jonathan Lago Lago, lauréat 2016.


Présentation sur FilmFestivals.com.

Article sur le site du député Frédéric Lefebvre :

Capture d’écran 2016-08-18 à 14.48.37

Vidéos de la cérémonie de remise des prix sur la page You Tube de Mulderville, et du Paris Art and Movie Awards.

Capture d’écran 2016-08-01 à 12.57.31

~ TEAM ~


Matt Beurois, founder, general manager.

Matt is a director and producer.

His feature film “The Barn” will be out in 2018, under Gravitas Ventures distribution.

He previously directed 25 short films, wrote 5 feature scripts and several series.

He attended more than 35 film festivals with his film Man of the Past, which won number of international awards. His last short “Five Minutes with Mary” , starring Jansen Panettiere, got selected to two Academy Awards qualifying festival in 2017 and was listed by MTV.

Matt also run a public communication department for 4 years and a Cultural department for 2 years, under the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

HIn Paris, he is a member of the Société des Réalisateurs de Films (French DGA), of the Maison des Scénaristes (French WGA),  of The American Club of Paris.

Matt’s Imdb.

Matt’s website.


Auregan, co-general manager, accounting.

Auregan is a singer-songwriter, international performer. She recorded a duet with Billy Ray Cyrus (Miley Cyrus father), a full album and several singles in France, UK and the US, including the hit rock’n’roll title 1798.

Her latest song, “Paris-Désert” is an award-winning song as best original track for a film at the Los Angeles Cinefest, and is available on every digital platform.

She also is a producer with her company Yucca Prime, and an award-moninated (Portsmouth Film Festival -UK). As a scriptwriter she got 7 times nominated.

Auregan’s Imdb.

Auregan’s website.

Auregan + Imogen

Auregan (to the left) giving Imogen Doel her best leading actress award, sept 2016.



Olivier Nelli, technical side of the force.

Olivier is a director claiming himself from the genre : fantasy and horror. He directed several shorts, many music videos, and his first feature Paradox will star Christopher Lambert and Iggy Pop.

Olivier’s Imdb.

Olivier, technicien projections.

Olivier, technicien projections.




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