Mission Statement


SUPPORT and PROMOTE emerging filmmakers.

The Paris Art and Movie Awards is a human scaled festival that champions the passion for movies and support the filmmakers who aim to overcome the challenges of making films.

Our primary objective is to encourage and support the filmmakers so they build confidence and envy to make another film.

We screen the best of the current new generation of filmmakers, from all over the world. We value the producers, the cast and crew of the films with a wide range of artistic and technical award recognition.

The goal of the PAMA is to help independent filmmakers all the ways possible with a large number of screenings, and a rich palette of events including networkings, talks, red carpets, press coverage, award ceremony, masterclasses, workshops, one-to-one interviews…

By participating in the PAMA we hope the filmmakers will gather the inspiration, recognition, envy, stamina, and network to keep creative.

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