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PAMA Non classé 08/17/2021


You have been invited for an interview, a talk, a QnA, a networking session or any other digital event produced by the PAMA. Here is a very simple how to join online.


  • No download needed
  • Just click on the link, fill in your name, and validate
  • The link works with most browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome)
  • The link works with most smartphones. If you use your phone, place it horizontally.
  • Dress code is casual.


The date and time have been set. You received a “Confirmation” email from the PAMA or a direct email from Matt with a link to read this page.

You received a link like this one:

Every link is unique and exists just for the time needed.

The link works with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera… But NOT with Safari.

The link runs through the STREAMYARD app. It does not require download, no password either.

TEST RUN (by yourself)– Try to connect right now with the link you received: a message will show if it doesn’t work.- If you see the screen with a golden background (see below): you are OK, everything works.

– If you don’t see it: make sure you scroll down and enter your name, then click “enter studio”. You should see the background then.


Please join the studio 5 minutes before time for a SOUND CHECK.

Please wear earbuds or a headset for sound quality.

Turn OFF any external speaker you have. Only use your device’s built-in speakers or earbuds.

Please stay in a calm, quiet environment during the interview. 

No music of any kind in the background.

No green screen, no digitally added background.

If there is a window where you are, face the window so the light is on you.

Most of our content will be pre-taped this year. So unless it has been made clear, this is not live, this is not streaming. The content will be lightly edited and pushed online later to promote your film / your block.

But once it is started, there is not stopping. The taping will be one take, just like if it was live conditions


When entering the studio, the app will ask for your name. Enter First + Last Name OR your instagram handle. Example: Matt Beurois OR @mattbeurois > Then validate to actually enter the studio. Matt or the taping director will welcome you a very short moment after you enter the studio.

When entering the studio, the app will ask for your name. Enter First + Last Name OR your instagram handle, followed by the title of your film.

Example: Matt Beurois | The Barn OR @mattbeurois | The Barn

Then validate to actually enter the studio. Matt or the taping director will welcome you a very short moment just after you enter the studio.


You may be booked to tape a promo. What is a promo? It is a 10-15 seconds video to introduce / promote your film.

If such, the director of the show will guide you for either: one vertical take and one horizontal take, or just one of them, depending on what the festival needs. It is mostly designed for TikTok and Instagram vertical formats. We will tag you the best we can every time.

Help us by adding your Instagram page in your FilmFreeway profile!-)

What to say? You can pretty much say what you want to promote your film.

Example 1: “Hi my name is Eric Swinderman, I directed THE ENORMITY OF LIFE that is having its European Premiere at the Paris Art and Movie Awards, this movie has been made with lots of heart and I believe will bring you some joy, let me know what you think!

Example 2: “Hello, I am Sara Nasica, I am the producer and director of THE BUTTERFLY, and the films screens at the PAMA this year! It is a lovely adventure of two teenagers, a coming of age story in less than 20 minutes, we shot it all in my hometown, Come see it!”

It can be this short, it can be a little longer. The general idea is to give one or two bullet points for the audience to come and watch your film.

You will be directed every step of the way, on the moment.


If it happens you get disconnected or your image or sound freezes during the talk.

If such happens, the show will go on, and this shall happen:

  • the director or moderator will remove you from the talk. you will remain backstage a very short moment, then when your image or sound comes back, you will be pushed back on screen. The moderator will geet back to you as if nothing happened.

If this does not work:

  • Remove yourself from the show. Disconnect from Streamyard.
  • Check your connection, adjust what you can (microphone, camera, ask anyone else using the network to remove themselves from the broadband)
  • Click back on your original link, enter your name again > you will arrive “backstage”. The moderator or director will see you, and will push you back on screen at a favorable moment.

INFO: there is a private chat option within Streamyard. Look on the right side of your screen: you can send a message to the PAMA team to keep us up to date in real time.


If you need assistance or wish/need to test your setup ahead of time, just let us know by email.

Best Posters 2019

PAMA Non classé 08/14/2019

Best Posters 2019

New category 2019, in competition.

Below the 6 posters in official competition for Best Poster 2019. This is a new category, along with Best Trailer, to support, encourage and emphasize the very importance of key marketing elements in order to distribute, sell, show your movies around.

Parallel Lines

PAMA Non classé 06/12/2018

PARALLEL LINES / Documentary


Directed by Allison Walsh

Produced by Melanie Walsh and Margaret LeJeune


Aurore Tarango
Olga Perez
Chuck Foss


The movie is listed in competition for the 2018 PAMA for :
– Best Documentary

PITCH : Parallel Lines tells the stories of Olga Perez, a formerly undocumented maid, and Chuck Foss, a former U.S. border patrol agent, who respectively live in the border towns of Juarez, Mexico, and El Paso, Texas, and whose occupational histories would seem to put them at odds. But the stories Olga and Chuck share reveal a much more complex relationship between those who police the border and those who cross it, which also includes compassion, respect, and a shared daily existence.



Director Biography – Allison Walsh

Allison Walsh is an artist and emerging documentary filmmaker. She combines her art disciplines to bring new life to the documentary stories she encounters. Walsh has a BFA in Painting and a BA in Spanish from Bradley University. Parallel Lines is Walsh’s first film, beginning in January 2017.

Web Series 2018 -more

PAMA Non classé 06/09/2018


PAMA 2018 Program, Non classé 06/07/2018

We partner with the ClosApp application.

It is free.
This App tracks for you, automatically, the best people around you who could be a potential business or artistic partner.
ClosApp sends you a notification when someone within 500 meters around you matches who you are looking for in the entertainment business ! Your pro-match also receives a notification : you just have to get in touch and meet.

Download the App now : Google Play and Apple Store.
Import your Linkedin profile or Set Up your profile.
The more details about you as an artist, your skills, the better the App will match you with others.
Affiliate yourself with the “PAMA – Paris Art and Movie Awards” event.
– Click on the Agenda (icon on the right) > Recherche > Evénements > Click on the pencil to open suggestions > Pick “PAMA – Paris Art and Movie Awards”


– Easiest way to connect with fellow filmmakers and potential future business partners
– Use the App to get in touch with fellow filmmakers before, during and after the festival
– Use the App during the networking events.
– Stick with the App later as it will be part of the Alumni network.
– Create, expand and manage your network
– Discover other events and festivals using the App (check Motion Pictures and Film category)
– Privacy is 100% respected : our email is not share, the App includes a secure messaging system.

Merry Christmas 2017

PAMA Non classé 12/23/2017


Thanks to all of you, the Paris Art and Movie Awards is going towards its 4th edition, set for June 2018 in Paris.

To all our partners, we thank you for your support and for believing in what we do at the PAMA.

To all the filmmakers, directors, producers, cast and crew of the films submitted… : YOU make the festival. We wanted to add a small stuff to your Christmas presents.

Please find below the e-book “193 Casting Directors on Twitter”, by Amy Jo Berman. You may have heard of it, here it is…



Here is also a free FX package from Shutterstock you may have miss.





PAMA Non classé 07/26/2017


Best Dance Film 2017

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, élodie turned her suffering and fears into a creative fight against the disease and the debilitating effects of the treatments used. Her latest work, Iridescence, is the personal story of her fight with cancer and the way she found to deal with the disease in a creative and hopeful manner. It’s also a way of giving back and handing on the positive vibes that she’s received from friends, family and strangers during the course of her disease.

‘There are many of us (patients, friends or family) fighting cancer with creativity. Composing, drawing, painting, writing, body art-ing etc., to prevent it from stealing our souls. So let’s share ideas and creations in order to inspire people around us, who in turn will inspire others.’
Elodie M.

Blog Les Cellules Créatives.

Director Eileen Byrne’s Biography

After her European baccalaureate at the European School Luxembourg, Eileen first studied theatre in Winchester (UK) and Munich before starting her film directing studies at the University of Television and Film Munich.

Since their childhood Eileen and Elodie have worked together on several theatre and film projects. They are currently developing their third feature film screenplay together. Iridescence is their first coproduction as director-dancer.


PAMA Non classé 07/06/2017


PAMA Non classé 06/24/2017

Frederick Butterfield has always been runner up to his twin brother Herman. When Herman becomes the world’s oldest man with a mere minute gap between them, Frederick finally sees an opportunity to be first place.