The Panther

PAMA 2018 Movies 6 juin 2018

THE PANTHER / Animated film


Directed by Carla Albiero

Produced by Carla Albiero



The movie is listed 2 times in competition for the 2018 PAMA for :
– Best Animated Film
– Best Director


A girl at the zoo forms a connection with a caged panther and sees how it would be if the animal was free in its own environement. The film is inspired by the poem « Der Panther » by Rainer Maria Rilke.

Festival’s appreciation :

« The movie is so aestheticaly beautiful it is the first time an animated film is nominated as best director at the PAMA. It’s a moment, a polaroïd, a memory or a fantasy. For everyone’s inner child. »


First time female filmmaker and student directorial debut.



 Director Biography – Carla Albiero

I was born in Valdagno, a town in the north-east of Italy. After studying classical leterature in highschool I decided to follow my passion for art and attend the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona where I studied set design for theatre. During my exchange program at the Marmara University of Istanbul I decided to pursue a career as 2D animator. I graduated magna cum laude bringing a traditionally animated film as my final project. In 2017 I attended the classical animation program at Vancouver Film School from which I graduated the same year, bringing the short film The Panther as my final project.