Pretty Far From OKAY

PAMA Non classé 06/22/2017
Director Helena Hufnagel’ Statement

“The future is just like the present – but even more fucked up.”

One day I woke up and thought: fuck, I’m in my late twenties. It felt like a hugh hangover. It was the moment I’ve realized that all my friends have started with their lifes except for me. I was still the ‘art-something-student’ that was living from the student job and hanging around in film school. They were getting married, moved in pretty apartments, I wasn’t able to afford, threw out their IKEA-furnuter and replaced it with new, fancy shit. And guess what, there are even babys involved.
There it was. The grown-up-life everybody was talking about. Except for me: I didn’t want anything to change. The only thing I was eger for, was to turn my art-student-job in something real. Getting out of filmschool and tell stories. Proofing to people that not only being a doctor is a real job. I’ve named the main character Isi, which is pronounced „Easy“ in German. But in her life nothing is easy. Kind of ironic. Kind of how it is.

When I’ve found out, that the Generation in the 1920ies was called „lost generation“ I loved it. It felt like history was repeating itself – in a way. In our story, Isi is drawing a Graphic Novel to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s „The Beautiful and Damned“, which tells about a couple in the lost generation. It is amazing how the quotes of Fitzgerald fit our generation. I was wondering, how people in 2120 are going to be called. Lost Generation – Generation Y – Generation happy?

After all, 30 is the new 20 and the world was supposed to end in 2012, wasn’t it? You really can’t rely on anything these days. “Pretty far from okay” is an homage to all the „Isi-People“ in the world, stucked in their twenties and finding out, that adulthood has arrived and beeing in a place: pretty far from okay.