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Sharon Stone – 2018 June 14

Actress Sharon Stone will attend the 2018 PAMA. As a producer of the documentary « An Undeniable Voice », she will walk on the Red Carpet and present the work as the opening film of the Award Ceremony.
Director Price Arana will be at her side during a QnA to talk more about the documentary.

Box Office.


Prize list -to date– 2018 June 7

Our prize list this year is longer than ever !
And we still have partners to announce…
Basically :
– every attending filmaker will have a gift bag (one bag per film)
– the items listed in the prize list will be distributed to the festival winners.
Check all we have in stock for 2018 : DVDs, BluRays, Books, softwares…


Official selection & first figures – 2018 May 30

We published on the 28th, 29th and 30th (today) our 2018 official selection in competition.

We received 1003 submissions this year (+ 62%),
we selected 89 different films / filmmakers / artists (+ 27%).
61 countries are represented (same as 2017).
We will screen 43 World Premieres (+ 26%),
18 European or International Premieres (+ 157%),
15 French Premieres (same as 2017),
and 7 Paris Premiere (- 36%).

We are proud to represent the independent filmmakers from all around the world.

Welcome to the PAMA 2018.

These numbers are temporary and will be confirmed after the festival in the annual figures.


1.000 entries – 2018 May 24

Our call for entries for 2018 is now closed.
For the first time since the creation of the festival, we hit the mark of 1.000 entries.
We’ve been, this year and during 2017, listed several times in the FilmFreeway worldwide top 100 of the best reviewed festivals.There are more than 7000 festivals listed worldwide. Being in the top 100 means something.

This year again, our Judges are international, high-level, and from various backgrounds.
And for the first time, the festival will last 6 days, twice as the longest edition to date which was the 2015 festival.

The PAMA is growing, and this is good for filmmakers : it makes our network stronger and so allows us to screen more movies, more films of any genre, and support the filmmakers like you who are looking for a festival with you you can talk to, during the event and all year long.

Really looking forward this 2018 rendez-vous. We’ll have the best time. We’re waiting for you !


Partnership with the Not Film Festival – 2018 May 19

We are proudly partnering with the @notilmfest in order to expand our filmmaker’s community and provide international opportunities to our submitters and Alumnus.
You can submit to the NOT FILM FEST on FilmFreeway with a 20% off with the code NOTPAMA20, before the last Not Film Fest’s deadline !
The Not Film Fest will screen a winning PAMA film next September during their festival, and the PAMA will screen one the Not Film Fest’s winners to its 2019 edition.
Let’s connect our communities and share our networking openings !


Time’s up – 2018 Jan 3rd

The Paris Art and Movie Awards strongly supports the Time’s Up movement.


Top 100 Film Festivals – 2017 Dec 21st

The Paris Art and Movie Awards has ranked as one of the Top 100 Best Reviewed Festivals on FilmFreeway.

According to reviews from FilmFreeway users since the inception of the festival in 2015, we are proud that the PAMA ranks in the top 2.5% of among more than 4,000 film festivals and creative contests around the world.

Thank all of you because this ranking is a testament to the countless hours of hard work and care devoted to creating such a wonderful event, FOR THE FILMMAKERS and the films.

We’re especially proud to be partnered with FilmFreeway.

Let’s go for the 4th edition !


2018 Call for Films – 2017 Dec 7th
The 2018 call for entries for the 4th edition will start on December 18th.


Festival results – synthesis – 2017 Sept 1st

We compiled some key figures and informations after our 3rd edition.

Check it here.


2018 : the festival expands to Los Angeles – 2017 August 28th
After 3 years of festival and the creation of the Alumni Network, the Paris Art and Movie Awards keeps expanding, with the creation of a brother festival in Los Angeles :
the Hollywood Art and Movie Awards.
The Hollywood Art and Movie Awards and the Paris Art and Movie Awards will offer direct connexions to filmmakers from both sides of the ocean to connect and to work one step closer into the movie business.

Check all that the HAMA has to offer, with a call for entries starting September 1st, 2017.


Festival 2017 : that’s a wrap ! – 2017 July 4th
That’s a wrap for the 3rd edition of the Paris Art and Movie Awards.
We thank you all, partners, filmmakers, attendees, volunteers…
Check ALL the pictures on Facebook and the videos will be posted on YouTube.


Screening program – 2017 June 28
Box Office link right below.


Billetterie ouverte – 2017 June 22nd
La billetterie est ouverte. Box Office is open.


Mélanie Doutey Jury President – 2017 May 17th
For the first time, the Paris Art and Movie Awards will  have a Jury President to manage and coordinate the votes of all the Judges watching the films and reading the scripts.
Our festival is a constant homage and reminiscence of the generous, smart, and forever elegant Audrey Hepburn. Following that idea of a modern women mixing a big heart and a big smile in live and in movies, we invited actress Mélanie Doutey to be President of our 2017 Jury, and we’re humbled and glad she accepted the invite.
With Mélanie, our Jury is composed by 7 women and 7 men, from movies, entertainment, arts, marketing, culture, new medias…


Talent Factory event in Los Angeles – 2017 May 5th
After creating the Paris Art and Movie Awards in 2015, festival founder Matt Beurois wanted to create the tools to keep helping filmmakers and help them jumping over the Ocean and try their shot in Los Angeles.
In that perspective, he created the Talent Factory platform : a hub managing several monthly and regular contests in the fields of movies, music video, scripts, storyboards and music itself.
Talent Factory offers monthly events, and an annual rendez-vous with many screenings, QnA, award give-away and networking.
The inaugural event took place at the Echo Park Film Center, right on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, this May 5 (cinco de Mayo).
Matt Beurois hosted the event, alongside with co-managing partner Auregan, French Judge Dorian Masson, and USA Judge Nicolas Wendl.


Movie Theater LE BALZAC – 2017 May 3rd
The 2017 Festival will take place at the BALZAC movie theater in Paris.
It is located right up to the Champs-Elysées.
The BALZAC is one of the oldest cinema venue in Paris, family run for more than 40 years.
This year, all screenings and main events, including award ceremony will take place there,
inside the biggest room.


Festival founder interview – 2017 February 18

1st 2017 interview of Matt Beurois, festival founder :

Download pdf or read online on Festival Review.


Alumni Network – 2017 January 22nd

2017 will be the 3rd edition of the PAMA. We already had dozens of filmmakers attending the festival, more than a thousand films submitted,
and almost a hundred films that screened.
The very first purpose of the festival was, and remains : to help and support independent filmmakers, cast and crew to get noticed, and to have their work truly awarded.
Making films is a long way. Making it a career takes a life.
Our goal is to support artists climbing to the next step.
To move forward this objective, we launch THE ALUMNI NETWORK, an international link between each and every people connected together thanks to the festival.
Check more on the Facebook group.


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