~ ART ~

It’s in our name. Paris ART and Movie Awards. Why is that? Because cinema is art, of course. But what about art? What is the art, is it the goal, the end of the trail, or what you see walking along? Is art what we are, or what we want to show of ourselves?
Today, art is becoming, again, a tool we have to use to react to society, our ways of live. Art is what connects us to the others, what helps us focus on our humanity, or the spark that makes us want to destroy it all… And start again from scratch. To me, art is life.
Matt Beurois, founder of the Paris Art and Movie Awards.

~ 2021 ART PAMA ~

WINNER 🏆 Masked NYC photographic series by AJ Stetson

Artist Statement

Since recovering from COVID-19 in April, 2020, I’ve photographed more than a thousand New Yorkers wearing masks, using a telephoto prime lens to remain socially distanced, and always asking permission. What began as a way to cope with having been in solitary quarantine in a small room for nearly a month, grew into a nonprofit project and multiple outdoor, COVID-safe exhibitions throughout NYC and online (

My goal is to share some of the radiance, diversity, and resilience of my fellow New Yorkers during these challenging times. I hope that we will continue to strive for justice, health, and empathy toward one another moving forward.

Light from Within photographic series by Nikhail Asnani, US.

Artist Statement

My light photography started off as a way to establish a connection with someone who I loved that didn’t reciprocate my feelings. They were gifts in a way, to someone lonely, and feeling not seen for me to say I see you, and we’re more alike than you think. From there, it went onto me trying to express myself nightly as an activity to keep creative, I started to understand how body and light could form abstract shapes and used that to create images that were out of reality and sometimes in the genre of horror, I am a horror filmmaker by trade. I paint myself only, and in the dark, as its keeps me in my safe zone, free from the insecurities I have that natural light would show. It also enables me to paint other worlds in a sense, without leaving my bedroom. I’m very hermetic and I struggle with anxiety as well as a lack of a social life at all, so this activity in my bedroom is a way for me to connect with the world and the cosmos through eye catching art. Movement became very important as I love performance art and while I paint I put on music and dance in a sense. It has been a way for me to communicate with people in the industry where direct communication hasn’t been allowed. My series of paintings submitted are actually all excerpts from different collections I’ve done.

So this selection of five starts off with my mind exploding at the thought of someone else, it continues on to express a dirt of your shoulder feeling I got from being excessively trolled. The next photo with the strawberry socks, was about falling down, and coming back to earth. The next photo would be emerging from the water, resurfacing a new person as a result of the pandemic, and the last photo is dancing because that how I get inspired to create, its a dance for me with life and with others.

~ 2021 ART HAMA ~

Our January 2021 talk with two art photographers and a composer for the Hollywood Art & Movie Awards.

~ 2020 ART ~

The PAMA, Sept 2020 talk with two art photographers.

~ 2019 ART ~

2019 WINNER: SALT OF THE EARTH, series taken by Travis Fox, USA. WORLD PREMIERE.

Below are the finalists selected to compete as Best Art Photographer of the year.

~ 2018 ART ~

Here are the 4 artists selected to compete as Best Art Photographer of the year.

MUDRA OF STRENGTH by Ed Benkowski, USA – WINNER 2018

Ed Benkowski is an editorial photographer and videographer based out of Baltimore, MD, USA.

He operates under his studio name “Folie A Two Studio” where he produces editorial, commercial and experimental work.

The name “Folie A Two” represents Ed’s artistic mission; to share his visual concepts and ideas as hallucinations between two close friends with related interests.

Artist Statement
“The Mudra of Strength” is a portrait of the relationship of strength and softness inspired by Balinese Gamelan dancers and men’s “muscle” publications (taken from an editorial set titled “Vitality”; a series of “Mudra” stances interpreting masculinity by way of softness).

For me, photography/film has always been simply a means to an end;

a way to transmit beauty from me to you.

It’s just a tool to realize concepts, ideas, facts dreams and commentary.

From my core, my voice in photo/video has always been in experimental works and I sincerely thank the selection team at @parismovieawards for giving experimental art a seat at their table this year. –
I’m humbled and invigorated by the cone of energy this festival has. Please check out the selections, there is amazing work by artists representing 61 countries, who no doubt, put every inch of themselves into their work all the same. –
“Vitality” is an experimental photo set that explores our visual expectations of strength using “Mudra”. The concept was inspired by Balinese Gamelan dancers and mass market muscle magazines for men. “Mudras” are physical gestures in Buddhist/Hindu art that convey a concept, an esoteric thought or a principle. Each photo in the set represents a mudra — each communicating my interpretations of strength and masculinity and it’s relationship to softness. I personally believe to choose softness inward and outward is a true demonstration of strength.



LADIES MARKET by Vikram Valluri, USA

“The motivation of my artistic journey is to unveil the rich sociologies of everyday life. I was seven when my family moved to the US from Hyderabad, India and was raised by my single mother. I realized that everything in mainstream media stood in stark contrast of my own reality. I am intrigued by these conflicting and often converging realities and through my lens, I hope to provoke my audience to look anew at the diversity of our human experience, while challenging us to break stereotypes and rethink conventionally accepted wisdom.

In this photo, Mother and son walk into the frame of mirrors at Laad Bazaar (ladies market) in Hyderabad, India.”


 FALLEN by Kavan Cardoza, USA

Kavan Cardoza


~ 2017 ART ~

Here are the 4 artists selected to compete as Best Art Photographer of the year. Each selected artist has been reviewed by another artist, from the festival, or from another field. Discover this crossover.


SEA AND SALT by Wellington Rodrigues, GERMANY > 2017 WINNER

Spain has many impressive landscapes and fascinating destinations, but one of the most amazing natural resorts are the salty pink lakes in Torrevieja. In this beautiful coastal resort you can find two beautiful salt lakes: a blue-green one called La Mata lagoon and the other, of an impressive pink colour, known as Torrevieja lagoon; both connected to the sea by canals.

In the 19th century, the salt was mainly shipped from the town by Swedish and Dutch ships. At the time, there was only limited demand from other regions of Spain, mainly Galicia and to a lesser extent, Valencia.


“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.” Ansel Adams

I think portrait photography is the most important part of the photography. What inspires me is simply “People’s emotions, lives and situations”. Your subject is the hero of your shot and life. You capture history. You touch other lives and learn their story. 
My photos are taken from the some cities of Turkey.  

FREEDOM, by Andrea Busco, ITALY

Love, loss and reflecting what is true.

To live is not to breathe but to act. It is to make use of our organs, our senses, our faculties, of all the parts of ourselves which give us the sentiment of our existence.” Jean Jacques Rousseau 
She was going to die, you see. Or go mad. There was no way she would still be here. I doubted she would even make the next ten minutes. In her out-of body state, her arms were extended parallel to her physical body.

THE CABIN, by Taylor Ann, USA

A lonely little cabin on a little grassy hill.

Just shy of being 180 years old, this little historic cabin never fails to leave you wondering. What was life like when this small home had a family within its walls? What stories could the logs tell and show if they could?

A tiny room, just one room, a little stove fireplace with an old table and two chairs on a dusty wooden floor. All within the perimeter of a small rustic fence, on the property of a local township park, it was moved from its original location across town for the enjoyment of all who visit this park.

How many stories could it tell us that have happened in it over its lifetime? We’ll never know, because even cabins have their secrets.