2018 Judges

~ 2018 JUDGES ~

We are happy to announce the first names for our 2018 international Judges.

More names will be added in the weeks to come.



Richard Blake is a director whose feature film THE ROCKET is now available worldwide on Amazon, I-Tunes, and all the platforms.

He started out his career as an actor in the city of Chicago, IL. In addition to acting on stage as well as commercially, he modeled for such names as Abercrombie & Fitch, The Gap, Nike, and Calvin Klein. After joining the Screen Actors Guild, Richard headed west to seek further opportunity as an artist. He’s appeared on several television programs including Everwood, Drop Dead Diva, Cold Case, CSI, NCIS: Los Angeles…

Richard landed a larger supporting role in 20th Century Fox’s « Dragonball: Evolution » in 2009. In 2012 he was cast as one of the leads in the 60’s set indie film « Snake and Mongoose ».

In 2015 Blake founded the company Amberock Productions with his wife Amber. They wrapped their first feature film « The Rocket », based on a true story, now available everywhere.

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Jansen R. Panettiere is an actor and artist born in New-York and based in Los Angeles.

In the US, he is well known for his roles in Disney’s TIGER CRUISE, Nickelodeon’s LAST DAY OF SUMMER, and many films he stared in since he was under 10 years old.

He recently had the lead in THE MARTIAL ARTS KID, SUMMER FOREVER, and voiced several characters in animated blockbusters such as ICE AGE : THE MELTDOWN and ROBOTS.

In addition to his acting career, he is a creative artist and prolific painter.

Jansen was a Judge to the Hollywood Art and Movie Awards this January 2018. He’ll be overseing the art category of the 2018 Paris Art and Movie Awards.

His Imdb.

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His Art Instagram.