The PAMA Sessions


MARCH 5 | Online discussion & QnA with special guest

👤 Director Shane Stanley

All winners of the PAMA Winter Session will be invited to participate.

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The Paris Art and Movie Awards network exists since 2011. We are constantly working on building and expanding our international network and platform, for the filmmakers to use all year long.

The Winter Session is our 2021 launch for the PAMA SESSIONS. The Sessions are destined to a select handful of highly motivated filmmakers and artists, for networking and promotion.

Mission Statement, history and program below.


2011 * Creation of the PAMA

2017 * Creation of the HAMA – Hollywood Art and Movie Awards. Its mission: build a bridge between Paris and Los Angeles, expand the international network profiting independent filmmakers.

2019 * Creation of the Yucca Valley Film Festival, for the Town of Yucca Valley, California. Mission: bring international talents to the Mojave Desert.

2020 * Creation of the SPOTLIGHT show. Its mission: offer a dedicated streaming show for filmmakers and artists to discuss their craft and creative path.

2021 * Creation of the Winter Session. Its mission: develop screening, networking and promotion avenues for international independent filmmakers members the network and more.

Accepting entries now.


Since we created the PAMA in 2011, what a ride it’s been!

There is more and more opportunities for filmmakers, but at the same time it seems challenging to know where to start, what doors to knock at. We’ve been building our network for 11 years, and every new venture we launch has a specific role to play.

The HAMA‘s role was to create a direct connection between Los Angeles and Paris. We’ve seen numerous filmmakers benefiting from it, and we’ll celebrate 5 years in January.

Our expertise has been recognized in California and we created the YVFF, a local event that already welcomed William Baldwin, and movies starring Iggy Pop and Jason Momoa.

Last year we launched our own streaming show: SPOTLIGHT. The first season listed 21 episodes in English, French and Spanish.


This year, more than ever, we listened to the filmmakers attending our events, and it became extremely clear that in today’s world, screenings themselves are not the main item independent creators are expecting from a film festival. We, creators, need is a solid platform to talk about the movies we’ve made, and scripts we’ve written.

This is what the Winter Session is a safe space to show, share and promote your work, with a heavy focus on networking, to connect with fellow filmmakers and go straight to the point.

Matt Beurois

In 2021 at the PAMA, every panel came with a networking session. Documentary filmmakers had the chance to chat with their peers. Animators could ask question to their fellow animators. Directors had a panel for each category, and on top of that, an international roundtable with Alex Proyas (Sitges winner & Cannes, Academy of Science Fiction,  Filmquest nominee), and a French roundtable to discuss the state of cinema in 2021.

These dozens of networking opportunities met with a tremendous success, and they are the place where things can change. You sure learn, you easily connect, you must network.

The Winter Sessions are about that. Show the film > Discuss it > Meet your peers on a direct level.

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Dec 10

Submission deadline.

Dec 13

Notification date on FilmFreeway.

Dec 14-17

Movies made available for all participating filmmakers to watch ahead of the networking sessions.

Dec 18

Best Short Film > public screening + networking

Best Documentary > public screening + networking

Best Student Short Film > public screening + networking

Best Feature Script & Best Short Script > discussion with the winners + networking

Networking session with all Winter Sessions winners

Dec 19

Best Feature Film > public screening + networking

Best Animated Short Film > public screening + networking

Best Music Video > public screening + networking

Alumni networking event