The Fisherman’s Diary was nominated 5 times at the PAMA in 2020, earning 2 wins. The movie is now officially selected to represent its country, Cameroon, to the 2021 Academy Awards, the OSCARS.


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♬ AIN’T GONNA STOP – Carol Kay

Game Changer won an OSCAR, his director Aviv Mano then worked on Disney’s COCO and TOY STORY 4 (2018). 

The Wishgranter, won an OSCAR, an EMMY AWARD, and a BAFTA (2016). 

Curpigeon got selected to TRIBECA, won the AMAZON VIDEO DIRECT Film Festival Stars (2016). 

Sgt Stubby, an unlikely hero, got a distribution deal at PARAMOUNT (2018).  

MYSTERY SKULLS – ENDLESSLY is over 1.3M views on YouTube (2018). 

Whisper screened at FILMQUEST (2015). 

None of That was STAFF PICK by VIMEO (2015).

Son Lux – Cage of Bones approaches 1M views on YouTube (2016).

An Undeniable Voice screened at FLICKERFEST and RHODE ISLAND (2018).

Jasmine got reviewed by the Los Angeles Times and the Hollywood Reporter, won at LAIFF (2017).

The Autumn of Zao screened at CANNES, got finalist to HOLLYSHORTS, won at LAIFF (2015).

Maly Cousteau won at the PALM SPRINGS INT., screeened at the NASHVILLE FILM FESTIVAL (2015).

Snapshots got a global distribution deal (2018).

Passe Compose got a global distribution deal (2016).

1971, Motorcycle Heart screend at FILMETS (2016).

Bipolar got a worldwide distribution deal (2015).

Adaline got a worldwide distribution deal (2015).

The Hunting screeend at CANNES (2015).

Silent Brave got a distribution deal on AMAZON (2015).

Arletty, a guilty passion screened at LUCHON and on national TV (2015).

L’Appel, won Jury Special Mention at the PIFFF (2015).

L’Usine l’autre nuit, got selected to PRINCETON FILM FESTIVAL (2015).

Incredibull, got published on paperback (2015).

Prime of Life screened at the BRUSSELS SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, won “Polar du meilleur court-métrage” at COGNAC, screened on national TV and Cable (2015).

Mediation screened at the MANHATTAN FILM FESTIVAL (2015).