The PAMA trophy


Mike Durand is a mainly self taught. artist based out of Desert Hot Springs in California.

in 2019, Matt Beurois, founder of the Paris Art and Movie Awards, noticed several pieces of his “Circles & Squares” series, a study of aesthetics using basic geometrical shapes to create unique pieces, where no two are the same.   

Beurois then asked him to design and create a special, unique trophy for the festival.

Mike acquired his basic foundation during his high school senior year. He enrolled and completed every art course offered, cramming 5 different classes into a semester.  

Until today, it’s been a combination of imagination, hands on, research and networking to develop and grow his art.

“The diverse possibilities working with metals offer a lifetime of exploration. Anticipation of new expressive options drives me” says Mike.

About the PAMA trophy, he explains:

“I made this piece as an analogy, a comprehensive acknowledgement of the recipients journey as an artist. Where hard work, artistry and raw metal come together transcending into an artists expression”.     

From California, where is held the winter part of the PAMA (the Hollywood Art & Movie Awards), to Paris, once again art and movies meet to express the best of contemporary creation.

The trophy before the last touch up:

The trophy on stage in Paris before the award ceremony: