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PAMA Non classé 06/24/2017

In the near future, where babies are genetically modified to perfection, a young woman must choose between customizing her baby in vitro, or having a child naturally.


PAMA Non classé 06/24/2017

A short dramatic film focusing on two sisters sharing their grief after the death of their mother.This tragedy brings them closer together they start to believe wounds can heal.


PAMA Non classé 06/24/2017

After several years, young Lily finally returns home. However, her parents seem to be quite indifferent to the arrival of their daughter. What has happened? Stuck between a father who is haunted by his memories and a mother who is torn apart, Lily is looking for redemption. Will she attain it?


PAMA Non classé 06/24/2017

Six contemporary stories in five Hungarian
cities about relationships, hangovers at the lakeside, dates, ex-lovers and partying.
Our movie is an anthology film inspired by the lyrics of Hungary’s most popular music band. The films original title means “Neverending” which is a reference to the illusion of youth and love. The film tells six individual stories about love and relationships of millennials in five different Hungarian cities. Each part has its rules and unique way of visual storytelling. The cast consists of the new generation of young Hungarian theatre actors, being the debut for most of them on the big screen.


PAMA Non classé 06/24/2017

A year after his wife’s murder, once-successful Hong Kong businessman Leonard To (Jason Tobin) is still reeling from the tragedy. Having lost his job, friends and all sense of order in his life, Leonard becomes obsessed with a mysterious stranger he sees at his wife’s grave, believing him to be responsible for her death.


PAMA Non classé 06/24/2017

Absent for several months, William, eldest of the family, decides to return to his father in order to visit Jimmy, his young autistic brother. But this decision could have serious consequences…

True Heart

PAMA Non classé 06/24/2017

A WW2 story of Jason Carter an American soldier who attempts to rescue his soul and fight his orders as he finds a young abandoned 8 year old German girl at the end of the war.

Black Day

PAMA Non classé 06/24/2017

Learning that his wife deceived him with his best friend, Luc falls into a downward spiral…


PAMA Non classé 06/24/2017

The love story of two robbers transformed into a modern epic. This fable depicts two characters who are fond of love in a poetic turmoil.
And if the history of Adam and Eve was only the fruit of a terrible manipulation and their future remains uncertain?

Run / Flucht

PAMA 2018 Movies, Non classé 06/24/2017

Germany. The situation has changed from democracy to a kind of military dictatorship.
L., a woman age30, mother of two little children is being blackmailed by the department of homeland-security: She has to hand over a so called terrorist. B. is on the run. She is forced to leave Germany. L. finds B. in the forrests, they walk together.After some time L. realises, that she and B. are in the same desperate situation.
Run- a movie about trust, loneliness and the morality of betrayal.