Brouillon compétition 2018


The following movies all are listed in competition, official selection. The festival Judges the overall production qualities of the films, as a technical category to reward the hard work of the producers to achieve highly good looking films with outstanding storytelling and overall cast and crew results. The films selected as best production will not screen if they are not selected in a best film category, short or long form.

AN UNTOLD STORY OF PAPERBOATS / Short film / Produced by NEERU KHERA, directed by Amit Khanna, INDIA, 22′ > More soon. WORLD PREMIERE

PARIS YOU GOT ME / Short film / Produced by ALEKSANDRA TODOROVIC and ANN KATRIN BOBERG, directed by Julie Boehm, GERMANY, 10′ > More soon. WORLD PREMIERE

KIDS WITH GUNS / Feature film / Produced by ANTHONY JAMES FAURE, ANTONY RENAULT and FLORENT LARRIVEN, directed by Anthony James Faure, FRANCE, 1H27 > More soon. INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE

OCTAV / Feature film / Produced by ADELA VRINCEANU CELEBIDACHI, directed by Serge Ioan Celebidachi, ROMANIA, 1H40 > More soon. EUROPEAN PREMIERE

LITTLE BIG – LOLLY BOMB / Music Video / Produced by EKATERINA LISOVSKAIA and EVGENIA MOTORKINA, directed by Alina Pasok, Ilia Prusikin, RUSSIA, 6′ > More soon. EUROPEAN PREMIERE

MILLION LOVES IN ME / Feature film / Produced by KENNY CHAN and JOHN Y, directed by Sampson Yuen, HONG KONG, 1H49 > More soon. FRENCH PREMIERE