La Dormance

PAMA 2018 Movies 06/08/2018

LA DORMANCE / Short film


Directed by Vincent Malaisé

Produced by court49 production


Aurélie Garault


The movie is listed 2 times in competition for the 2018 PAMA for :
– Best French short film
– Best Actress Aurélie Garault

PITCH : At the beginning of the cycle of dormant season, when the vine will have to live on its reserves, Melanie is sent back from the vineyard that employs it.






Production Company.


Director Biography – Vincent Malaisé

Vincent Malaisé has always been passionate about cinema and is eager to get into this field.

During this adventure, he realizes that many people like him seek to achieve. Rich in his encounters and this human experience, he created the Angevine French Court & 49 production association in 2014 and has been chairing it ever since.

Court & 49 accompanies several directors by ensuring the development and production of several short films. Partnerships with another collective and a music school are born. C&49 also participates in image education by organizing several meetings for the benefit of its members and the public with recognized technicians or directors.

Director and scriptwriter, at the same time, he continues to develop his own scenarios and projects. In 2016, he shot his first short film entitled “Madeleine”, “The dormant season” is his second film.