Evening at the Social Bar

PAMA 2018 Program 05/30/2018

Evening and night at the Social Bar

You are a filmmaker listed in competition or an Alumi ? It is free. If you didn’t receive the code check your emails, if still not send us a mail.


The Social Bar has been voted favorite bar of the Parisians in 2018 and 2016, at the Love Paris Awards run by the TimeOut magazine.

We’ll have a two-part evening there.


The first hour, from 6 to 7PM, the bar will be ours only. We’ll run a one-to-one networking session. Just like a speed dating, but pro and for industry movie makers.

You’ll have 10 meetings within the hour, 5 minutes each. After each one-to-one talk you switch and meet someone else.

Not mandatory, but here is how you can proceed :

1) Take one minute to briefly explain who you are (producer, actress, director…), your background (school, resume).

2) Listen to the other one for one minute doing the same.

3) Explain what is your current or next project, and what you’re looking (cast or crew members, script…)

4) Let the other do the same.

5) See if you’re a movie-making-match.

When the 5 minutes are over, whether you are done or not, you must switch. You will have time during the Free Mixer to get back to the ones you want to talk more with.



Starting at 7PM, the bar will open to general public. We are allowed to stay.

The evening continues with a Free Mixer : get back to the fellow filmmakers you feel you could work with. Have a drink, talk more, pitch your projects…

Be nice, enjoy, stay pro.

“Dans ce bar, détenu par 175 co-patrons et qui reverse 50% de ses bénéfices à des associations, tout est fait pour créer de la convivialité entre inconnus. Et ça marche!”

Le Figaro.

“Located just next to Gare de Lyon, run by some of best-connected people in this booming “social & solidarity economy”, it’s a must-visit if you’re looking for contacts in that area. Evenings are drinks-only. Be it for business or pleasure !”

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