PAMA Non classé 06/21/2017

A six year-old faces an unimaginable tragedy altering his young life and taking it on a dark trajectory. From the depths of despair emerges a determined man who took control of his demons and turned his fortunes around.


Chidi Nobi is a British born filmmaker/photographer of Nigerian background. He studied at Middlesex University in London and got an MFA from Syracuse University. New York.
Chidi has lived and worked in such diverse places as France, Panama, USA, Haiti, Iraq, Brazil and Japan.

The first story in the series, (hu.mans: Kenny Rivera) was well received and screened in film festivals around the world. He is currently working on a third instalment in the series.


As a filmmaker I have always been drawn to stories of the human condition. What makes us who we are. Why we do what we do and what makes us unique. In a nutshell, what makes us tick!
Hu.mans is an intimate one-camera documentary series showcasing the extra-ordinary stories of the ordinary people amongst us. How behind every face is a lies an amazing story of joy, sorrow, pain, love. A story we might be lucky to be privy to if only we bother to ask and listen.
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