2017 Judges

~ 2017 JUDGES ~

For our third year, we wanted to welcome new figures.

This is why, in addition to talents from the movie industry, we invited accomplished creative spirits from advertisement, new medias, and various entertainment fields.

We thank them all for their availability, their generosity,

and for caring for independent upcoming talents.

Nicky Naudé

Nicky has an impressive record of credits in major blockbusters, but also independent features, and still agrees to work in short film when the script is really worthy.


Son of a real-life famous gangster, WWII veteran Cotroni (the Canadian Al Capone), Nicky came to France when he was a young adult. He turned kung-fu French and European junior Champion before he was 20.


Then followed a career in modeling, traveling to London, Tokyo, NY, Amsterdam…
Then again, his physique skills had him working as a fight arranger, then turning as a major stunt guy for the top box-office hits of the 21st century.


Working on Total Western and the Taxi sequel in the year 2000, he arranges the fight for The Crimson Rivers (Les Rivières Pourpres) directed by Mathieu Kassovitz. A year after, he is on set with Samuel LeBihan and Vincent Cassel for Christophe Gans’ The Brotherhood of the Wolf (Le Pacte des Loups), produced by Richard Grandpierre.

This fast track of success lead to work on the original Jason Bourne feature, The Bourne Identity, working and fighting Matt Damon in the anthology scene that shaped the upcoming generation of close-up fights (see video).

You can add roles in Adventures of Arsene Lupin, Jean de La Fontaine, Hitman, Babylon AD… But you have not to miss the real man who Nicky is : a lovely and charming person, starring in the sensitive feature Par Amour, directed by Laurent Firode, working with highly talented French director Fred Cavayé on Point Blank (A Bout Portant), and starring in recent sparkling short films Of Men and Mice, Le Goût des choux de Bruxelles, and lately portraying a released convict, looking for a new life in Retrouvailles… Maybe a modest look back to a family legacy.

Nicky will be watching the selected films of the 2017 edition, and will take part to the Jury deliberation of the 3rd Paris Art and Movie Awards.


Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux


Lilly-Fleur is a French actress.

One of her first appearance was in 1998 Ronin directed by John Frankenheimer, starring Jean Reno, Robert de Niro and Sean Bean.
She also worked under direction of Sophie Marceau in Parlez-moi d’amour, produced by Alain Sarde, was the lead in the independent graphic-horror flick Horsehead directed by Romain Basset, and recently was on screen for Papa ou Maman, feel-good movie and surprise hit at French box-office.

On the TV side, Lilly-Fleur appearead on major shows like Versailles, Falco (9 episodes), she was in the lead cast of the 122 episodes of French modern soap Seconde Chance, and run the all 12 episodes of the cult series Platane created by Eric Judor.


Céline Nieszawer

Céline is a photographer, filmmaker, and drawing artist.

In 1998, she wins the national SACD prize at the Cannes Film Festival as co-scriptwriter of the feature  À Table by Idit Cebula included in the Quinzaine des réalisateurs selection.

Then, she directs five short films, including Heureuse, produced by Canal+, before trying experimental filmmaking.

She started as Martine Barrat’s assistant in New York, then back in Paris, she turns press photographer.  She signs several advertising campaigns, album artworks, and shoots many portraits. She was set photographer on French films Le temps de l’aventure with Emmanuelle Devos and Gabriel Byrne, Week-ends, with Jacques Gamblin and Karin Viard.

She also directs the making-of the film La disparue de Deauville by Sophie Marceau, and co-directs Promised Land with Anatole Sternberg.

Her stills and drawings have been shown in Paris at the Bureau d’art, the Parking Galerie, or the Nextlevel Gallery. In Germany she exhibited for the Goethe century (Franckfort), also in the Kirsten Roschlaub Gallery (Hambourg), or the Lifebomb Gallery (Berlin).



Florent Lamy

Florent is a Talent Agent at Elevate Artists Management office. Florent and EAM focus on guidance and personalized management in the movie business, but also with various other talents.

Florent has been voted a Future Leader by Screen International Magazine, in the agent category (2016), and has been a speaker at Cannes Film Festival.

He personally represents Djimon Hounsou (Gladiator, Stargate, Furious 7), William Fichtner (The Dark Knight, Elysium, Heat) or Anne-Solene Hatte (Ocean’s Twelve, Lockout, Hard) and Aissa Maiga. Elevate artists also works with Megan Fox, James Foley, Zabou Breitman, Evangeline Lilly, Jan Kounen…


He also is founder and partner at Aldabra films, production company set in Paris that produced L’Homme de Chevet starring Sophie Marceau and Christopher Lambert, and 600 Kilos d’Or Pur with Clovis Cornillac.

Florent is used to notice talent, and he’ll be watching the movies you submit for this 2017 edition of the Paris Art and Movie Awards.



Auregan is a singer-songwriter and performer. She wrote more than 150 songs, performed hundreds of shows, appeared in numerous festivals. She recorded songs in ParisLondon and Los Angeles, from rock to pop, including folk and country.

After a glorious success live on stage, her debut album TORTUGA was published in 2012. Her second album ROCK MOVIE came out in 2015.

In 2014, audiences all over the world can hear her duet with Billy Ray Cyrus, « Shelter In The Storm », as the main track of the OST of the critically acclaimed and multi-award winning movie « Man Of The Past ». She co-wrote this song with Billy Ray Cyrus.


Sarah Avena

For the first time, we welcome a new generation blogger as a Judge of the Paris Art and Movie Awards.

Founder of The Newsjuice, blogger, former journalist at Star 24, Sarah Avena is passionate about medias and an everyday user of many social tools.

On her blog, she analyzes the trends, and dissects the way we live our lives on the social networks.

The Paris Arts and Movie Awards is glad to have Sarah in its 2017 Jury, to bring a refreshing perspective on the films, technology, and storytelling.


Emmanuel Queritet


Emmanuel Queritet is founder and partner of the HAPPY agency (Toulouse, France), with expertise in marketing, advertising, and cross-media.

Happy agency won the 360° Advertisement prize in 2014 (Trophées de la com), awarded by the APACOM and Com Midi-Pyréneés Society. Their creative talent already got them nominated in 2011 by the “Trophées de la Com” (the Advertisement Awards).

For several years, Emmanuel also spend time teaching advertising and communication at the Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques (High School of Artistic Jobs).


Punk rock child gone independent entrepreneur,  Emmanuel lately took back his camera and started taking pictures again. Loving arts, culture, free thinking, cinema, knowing all aspects of the art of storytelling, Emmanuel sticks to his values and believes in team effort.

Joseph-Gordon Levitt also is his official impersonator.


Morgane Cabot

Morgane is an actress. She’ll be on the famous Théâtre Antoine’s stage run by Laurent Ruquier, from March 18 to May 7, in the play Folle Amanda, starring Michèle Bernier and Patrick Braoudé.


Revealed to the wide audience by Vénus et Appolon, the series adaptation of Tonie Marshall’s feature Vénus Beauté Institut for Arte network, Morgane started on camera with Jean-Loup Hubert (6 nominations to the Césars 1987 for the cult-classic Le Grand Chemin, the film won 2) in 3 Petites Filles, next to Gérard Jugnot and Adrian Karembeu.


She appeared in many TV Shows including the hit Maupassant series for France 2 national network, and Le goût du partage, with  Bernard Le Coq.

Morgane is represented by Julie Chen for Agents Associés.

Sarah Gurevick

Sarah Gurevick is co-fondatrice of the Maison des Scénaristes (the scriptwriters house).

French screenwriter and director, five of her completed short films have been selected by festivals around the world, from Sundance to Cannes, and received a total of 11 international awards.

Her feature length fiction screenplay Jade won 2 awards and earned her the right to follow the Equinoxe writing workshop sponsored by the Sundance Institute, Canal Plus, and Sony Entertainment to name a few.

The workshop enabled her to work with Golden Globe nominee Doug Wright (winner of the 2004 Pulitzer Prize and awarded by the Writers Guild of America for Quills); but also with Academy Award winner Franck Pierson (Best writing, original Screenplay for Dog Day Afternoon).

Nowadays she is involved in the film distribution company Hevadis films and also working as a scriptdoctor and editor.


Nicolas Zappi

Nicolas Zappi is co-founder of the Maison des Scénaristes (the scriptwriters house).

Nicolas was scriptwriter for the TV show A Woman in danger (Vertiges) for French M6 network. The show starred Marion Cotillard, Ingrid Chauvin, Agathe de la Boulaye; and among the writers were Eric Assous, Jérôme Cornuau for some episodes.

Nicolas also directed Le Hobby, awarded in France, USA, Russia and Poland as one of the best short comedy of  2008, and Love and Taf, awarded by the Jean-Christophe Averty trophy at La Roche sur Yon film Festival.


Béatrice Delesalle

Béatrice is a senior journalist at  Cineseries-mag.fr, official 2017 media partner of the Paris Art and Movie Awards.

With a background in marketing and banking, she always loved cinema, movies, and the artists making them. She was managing editor of Cineseries for some time, then came back to write reviews.


Antoine Mournès


Antoine is journalist at French website Cineseries-mag.fr, official 2017 media partner of the Paris Art and Movie Awards.


Graduated in Cinema and Audiovisual, he is also author and scriptwriter, credited to three short films and one feature.