The Hollywood Art and Movie Awards will take place on three different venues for three days.

Colorado Studio

The Colorado Studio will host the welcoming filmmakers, the first break the ice networking, and the first art exhibition.

2727 E Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena CA 90107


The Theatre Raymond Kabbaz is a well known place in Los Angeles, in the heart of Beverly Hills. Its cultural program is respected for years and the events hosted here are only high quality.

The TRK will host the final day of the festival with red carpet and screenings.

10361 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90064


The Aurora Theater is Long Beach’s most intimate venue. With a large background space, and a great theater stage, the Aurora is the hit venue in Long Beach, managed by Charles Tentindo.

The Aurora will host the Acting Filmmakers Workshop, screenings and QnAs.

4412 E. Village Road, Long Beach, California, CA 90808