~ TEAM ~


Matt Beurois, founder, general manager.

Matt is a director and producer.

His feature film “The Barn” will be out in 2018, under Gravitas Ventures distribution.

He previously directed 25 short films, wrote 5 feature scripts and several series.

He attended more than 35 film festivals with his film Man of the Past, which won number of international awards. His last short “Five Minutes with Mary” , starring Jansen Panettiere, got selected to two Academy Awards qualifying festival in 2017 and was listed by MTV.

Matt also run a public communication department for 4 years and a Cultural department for 2 years, under the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

HIn Paris, he is a member of the Société des Réalisateurs de Films (French DGA), of the Maison des Scénaristes (French WGA),  of The American Club of Paris.

Matt’s Imdb.

Matt’s website.


Auregan, co-general manager, accounting.

Auregan is a singer-songwriter, international performer. She recorded a duet with Billy Ray Cyrus (Miley Cyrus father), a full album and several singles in France, UK and the US, including the hit rock’n’roll title 1798.

Her latest song, “Paris-Désert” is an award-winning song as best original track for a film at the Los Angeles Cinefest, and is available on every digital platform.

She also is a producer with her company Yucca Prime, and an award-moninated (Portsmouth Film Festival -UK). As a scriptwriter she got 7 times nominated.

Auregan’s Imdb.

Auregan’s website.

Auregan + Imogen

Auregan (to the left) giving Imogen Doel her best leading actress award, sept 2016.



Olivier Nelli, technical side of the force.

Olivier is a director claiming himself from the genre : fantasy and horror. He directed several shorts, many music videos, and his first feature Paradox will star Christopher Lambert and Iggy Pop.

Olivier’s Imdb.

Olivier, technicien projections.

Olivier, technicien projections.