The Board of the Paris Art & Movie Awards steers the festival and parent organizations and events towards the success of its core missions: support and promote the best of international, independent filmmakers and productions.

Board member actively participate in creating and maintaining the highest standards of practices to ensure pro-active, positive, ethical, legal and financial governance towards its missions.

President 2020-2021


Christophe is an international marketing entrepreneur, with clients such as the French Presidency, Ibis Hotels and the VIP Room. Ceo of Atlantys, Christophe runs both Paris and Copenhagen offices. He also teaches marketing at ISCPA Paris.

Board Member, Filmmaking Expert

United Kingdom

John is a member of the British Society of Cinematographer, acclaimed director of photography and avant-garde camera operator, the first one to ever use a steadicam. His credits include Alan Parker’s “Midnight Express”, “Rambo III”, “Pink Floyd: the Wall”, “Monty Python’s Life of Brian”.

Board Member, Music Expert


Auregan is a SACEM, SCL, SGA, NSAI and Recording Academy – Grammy Museum member. Her credits include songs with Grammy Award winners Billy Ray Cyrus, Iggy Pop, and international hitmaker Jeff Coplan.



Lionel is an industry engineer with a lifetime’s experience in team management and private-public contracts, with clients such as Airbus, Boeing, 3M.

Board Member, Technology Expert


Olivier is an awarded director who worked with Christophe Lambert and Samuel LeBihan. His credits include countless works with national TV, documentaries, commercials, and international feature films.

Board Member, Pedagogy Expert


Philippe is an international print and web publisher with expertise in the fields of Education and Higher Education. Throughout his career he and his companies worked with 3 French Presidents and spearheaded several private-public partnerships.

Board Member, Video Expert


Carlo is a BMI, award winning videographer, musician and international content creator, with businesses in Italy and USA. His credits include spearheading production for the Santa Fe TV Show, as well as producing multiple commercials for international luxury and leisure brands.

Board Member, Music Production Expert


Diego toured with Grammy Award winner Jean-Jacques Goldman, recorded and performed on stage with Michael Jones, Yannick Noah. He is under contract with Universal Music and endorsed by SoundBetter and Bay Custom.

Board Member, Stage Expert


Hadrien is a seasoned stage comedian and writer. He performs every year at the Avignon Festival. The current show he stars in is a non stop hit for years with hundreds of dates throughout France.

Programmer, director.

USA, France

Matt is credited to more than 50 films, TV shows and productions including the French version of Masterchef, biopic documentaries, and award winning drama such as Little Wing (TIFF) or At War (Cannes Palme d’Or nominee).

Honorary member


Stan rose to fame with “Highlander: the series”. He was a jury member to the festival in 2019. He became an Honorary Member after his sudden passing in 2020.

Junior member


Arnaud has been a volunteer at the PAMA for many years. Student filmmaker, scriptwriter, director, editor, assistant editor, YouTuber… His learning appetite seems to know no limit. The PAMA is proud to support his path towards professional filmmaking.